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Bus Stop

This free bus stop game is a great way to relax. Drive the bus, pick up the passengers at the bus stops, and drop them off at the final stop. Watch out for passing vehicles and animals - good timing is essential!

When you’ve completed a level, you can use the in-game money you’ve earned to expand your business. Wait for the tourists and commuters to pay the tickets, and drop the money off at the posts to build your very own theme park. Be sure to take the occasional walk around the area, because you may encounter some characters with extra cash!

Game controls

Hold the left-mouse button or the touchscreen to drive the bus. Release to stop at the right moments.

In the theme park area you can access between levels, use your mouse or touchscreen to move around. Stand on the posts to deposit money, and go back to the bus post to play a bus driving level.

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Who developed Bus Stop?

The game was created by 2Play.

When was Bus Stop released?

This bus sim game was released in February 2023.