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Friday Night Funki Noob

Friday Night Funki: Noob is another swinging episode of the fast-paced rhythm game series. Can you keep up with Noob’s funky beats?

In this episode, the strategically challenged Noob and his gang of creepers, zombies and other Minecraft-inspired skins are bringing the beats. Tap the right arrows at the right moment to keep the party going.

How to Play Friday Night Funki: Noob?

In this music game, you have to tap the up, down, right and left arrows in the right order to earn your place on the stage. Press the matching arrow keys as the colored icon passes over the gray ones at the top of the screen. If the arrow has a tail, keep holding it until the tail runs out.

Try to keep the audience appreciation bar at the bottom of the screen in the green. If you make mistakes, the bar will shift and become more red. Once the bar turns completely red, you’ll be kicked off the stage. You can always revisit completed levels to try a different game mode and improve your score. 

Game Controls

  • TAP the corresponding ARROW KEYS at the right moment

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Who Developed Friday Night Funki: Noob?

This game was developed by Kiz10.