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Adam & Eve: Aliens

Everyone's favorite crafty caveman is about to go on an adventure that's totally out of this world! Tag along with him in Adam and Eve: Aliens.

Adam has just found himself on a distant planet full of super cute aliens, but where's Eve? Join him as he explores a futuristic city and tries to find her in this Adam and Eve game. He'll need your help while he deals with floating staircases, flying cars, and alien dogs that can't stop slobbering. This is a lot for one Neanderthal to handle all by himself!

How to Play Adam and Eve: Aliens?

Adam sure could use your help in this funny point and click game. Join him while he goes in search of his girlfriend Eve in a city located on a planet very far away from his primordial home back on Earth.

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE to search for solutions to each scenario.
  • LEFT CLICK on items or Adam to make him move.

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Who Developed Adam and Eve: Aliens?

Adam and Eve Aliens was created by Agame.