Room Decoration Games

  • My New Room 2
    My New Room 2
    Played 3643 times

    My New Room 2 adds more cool options like music styles, pets, and backgrounds to create your perfect room!

  • Beach House Decoration
    Beach House Decoration
    Played 1104 times

    The view is glorious, but where will you sit to enjoy it?

  • Family Dollhouse 4
    Family Dollhouse 4
    Played 2000 times

    Help this nice family of dolls decorate their big house.

  • My New Room 3
    My New Room 3
    Played 2275 times

    This room is your very own blank slate. Go for it, girl!

  • Classroom Make Over
    Classroom Make Over
    Played 1247 times

    Use the items given and decorate the classroom.

  • Ivy League Princesses
    Ivy League Princesses
    Played 2477 times

    Princesses Belle and Rapunzel are going to an Ivy League college! Can you help them prepare?

  • Princess Room Makeover
    Princess Room Makeover
    Played 782 times

    Design a room fit for a princess.

  • My Xmas Room
    My Xmas Room
    Played 3566 times

    Get into the holiday spirit in this special edition of your favorite room-decorating game!

  • Pink Apartment Makeover
    Pink Apartment Makeover
    Played 2223 times

    Rose loves her pink apartment, but she's getting bored with the layout. Will you help her rearrange the furniture?

  • My New Room
    My New Room
    Played 3254 times

    Let your inner decorator loose to create your own virtual spot to hang!

  • Princesses Off to School
    Princesses Off to School
    Played 2362 times

    Even princesses have to go to school. Tag along with Rapunzel and Jasmine as they get ready for their first day in this online game. You can choose outfits for them, decorate some desks and more!

  • Middle School Classroom Makeover
    Middle School Classroom Makeover
    Played 811 times

    School's back in session soon, so decorate your classroom to inspire students!

  • Bedroom Decoration
    Bedroom Decoration
    Played 1846 times

    What would your dream bedroom look like? Try out all the possibilities with this cool decorating game!

  • Ellie Real Estate Agent
    Ellie Real Estate Agent
    Played 2465 times

    Ellie is getting ready for a fun afternoon of redecorating a home that she’ll soon be putting on the market. Help her choose a great outfit before she gets to work in this dress up game.

  • Pet Daycare Decoration
    Pet Daycare Decoration
    Played 2866 times

    Provide these pets with a place to hang out in style!

  • My Treehouse Decorator
    My Treehouse Decorator
    Played 1594 times

    No one can trump your terrific treehouse!

  • My New Town
    My New Town
    Played 2366 times

    Country, city, ocean, or space—where will your town building take place??

  • Room Planner
    Room Planner
    Played 1020 times

    Decorate your room any way that you want in this family fun 2D game, Room Planner. You'll have plenty of customization options to choose from to make your room unique and special.

  • Dollhouse Makeover
    Dollhouse Makeover
    Played 870 times

    Decorate this dollhouse any way you like.

  • Dream Room Makeover
    Dream Room Makeover
    Played 2013 times

    This house is definitely a fixer upper. Join this girl while she tidies up the rooms and gives each one an awesome design makeover. Help her create the perfect home in this room decoration game.

  • Red Dollhouse Makeover
    Red Dollhouse Makeover
    Played 590 times

    Help Red decorate her new apartment.

  • My Romantic Wedding
    My Romantic Wedding
    Played 1012 times

    No need to get all bridezilla when you're in complete creative control!

  • Beach Party Planner
    Beach Party Planner
    Played 1048 times

    It's a beautiful day for a bash on the beach!

  • Ellie and Annie: Doll House
    Ellie and Annie: Doll House
    Played 3119 times

    These two sisters are each designing their very own doll house. You can help while they choose which furniture, decorations and more to include in this game for girls.

  • Choir Singing and Decorating
    Choir Singing and Decorating
    Played 563 times

    Arrange the choir singers properly and decorate the hall just as you like.

  • Make a Scene: Rock Tour
    Make a Scene: Rock Tour
    Played 772 times

    Set the scene for this bunny band to kick-start their rock tour!

  • Winter Christmas Decoration
    Winter Christmas Decoration
    Played 978 times

    Create a cozy Christmas village in this snowy landscape.

  • Chloe Baby Shower Party
    Chloe Baby Shower Party
    Played 771 times

    Chloe is getting ready for her baby shower. Can you help her choose a fantastic outfit and decorate her house with her friends in this cute party game?

  • Doll Collection Decoration
    Doll Collection Decoration
    Played 802 times

    Tina is trying to get her impressive doll and toy collection in order. Will you help her find a place for everything?

  • Treehouse Decoration
    Treehouse Decoration
    Played 852 times

    Help this forrest fairy decorate her treehouse abode.

  • Kindergarten Room Decoration
    Kindergarten Room Decoration
    Played 1056 times

    Create your own perfect bedroom, with furniture, pets, toys, snacks, and more!

  • Asian Family Dinner Decoration
    Asian Family Dinner Decoration
    Played 980 times

    The family that eats together stays together.

  • Mushroom Home Decoration 2
    Mushroom Home Decoration 2
    Played 1062 times

    Decorate this colorful mushroom house and its neighbourhood.

  • Baby Princess Bedroom Decor
    Baby Princess Bedroom Decor
    Played 749 times

    These cute princesses want to have their room redecorated and you're just the person to help them! Choose from a wide variety of options to decorate with in Baby Princess Bedroom Decor.

  • Christmas Room Decoration
    Christmas Room Decoration
    Played 4262 times

    Create the Christmas parlor of your dreams, with toys, furniture, wreaths, pets...and of course, the tree!

  • Make a Scene: North Pole
    Make a Scene: North Pole
    Played 849 times

    You don't have to be an Eskimo to hang out at the North Pole and build a snowman with friends!

    • Hansel and Gretel Decoration 2
      Hansel and Gretel Decoration 2
      Played 735 times

      Decorate the gingerbread house with cakes and candies!

    • Annie Movie Night
      Annie Movie Night
      Played 2490 times

      Annie wants to enjoy a relaxing night at home with a movie. Her living room is a bit messy though. Can you help her get everything organized before she choose a comfy outfit in this game for girls?

    • Princess Bedroom Makeover
      Princess Bedroom Makeover
      Played 1019 times

      This princess needs your help finding a place for all of her belongings!

    • Prince and Princess Decoration
      Prince and Princess Decoration
      Played 666 times

      Create a fairytale scene for this royal couple.

    • Dog Shop Makeover
      Dog Shop Makeover
      Played 855 times

      You have just bought a new dog shop! Make it over any way you like.

    • Make a Scene: Underwater
      Make a Scene: Underwater
      Played 713 times

      The kitties and bunnies will float serene when you create your own underwater scene!

    • Aria: Baby Room Decoration
      Aria: Baby Room Decoration
      Played 2477 times

      This young mother is designing a bedroom for her new baby. Help her select a crib, a wardrobe and much more in this room decoration game.

    • Make a Scene: Desert Island
      Make a Scene: Desert Island
      Played 657 times

      Create a comfortable hang-out spot for your seaside-loving friends!

    • Mermaid Décor
      Mermaid Décor
      Played 638 times

      Fill the sea with fish and create a comfortable home for the mermaids.

    • Perfect Couple: Winter Prep
      Perfect Couple: Winter Prep
      Played 2307 times

      This cute couple is getting ready for the holiday season in this game for girls. Could you help them decorate their Christmas tree before they choose some outfits that are totally awesome?

    • Princess Birthday Celebration
      Princess Birthday Celebration
      Played 1549 times

      This princess is going to host a super awesome birthday party in this dress up and room decoration game. Let’s join her while she puts together a cool outfit and gets her home ready for all of her guests. What should she wear?

    • Daily Ally
      Daily Ally
      Played 681 times

      Ally's room isn't always the cleanest and she needs your help tidying up in this cute hidden object game, Daily Ally. Make sure to find everything within the time limit!

Are you the sort of person that tends to walk into a room and immediately start daydreaming about what it would look like with new furniture or a cooler carpet? If turning kitchens, bedrooms and even entire mansions from freaky to fabulous is your cup of tea then this category is definitely for you. Put your interior design skills to the ultimate test with one or more of these challenging room decoration games. You can focus on a small project by revamping a bedroom in titles like Cute Room Decoration, Bedroom Decoration or the My New Room series. When you’re ready to take on something a bit more complicated, you can rework an entire apartment in Pink Apartment Makeover. You can think big with Beach House Decoration or aim for a smaller challenge in Dollhouse Makeover. Or maybe you’re prepared to handle an even more colossal assignment. Would you like to redesign a royal abode in Princess Castle Makeover? What about an entire community? You can do just that in titles like My New Town and My Romantic Town. Show off your style and savvy in this category of free online games. There’s tons of potential projects waiting for your expertise.