Monster Games

  • Decorate My Monster House
    Decorate My Monster House
    Played 927 times

    You don't live in a normal house, not when you have monsters living with you! Decorate this cute yet strange house any way you want and then share the results with your family and friends!

  • Mutant Selection
    Mutant Selection
    Played 189 times

    Tag along with this mutant super soldier as he trains for a series of missions on some of the universe’s most dangerous planets. In this action game, he’s going to need your help in order to survive.

  • Myth & Hero
    Myth & Hero
    Played 4108 times

    An army of monsters has invaded the kingdom and only this bold hero can save the day. Help him tear his way through the relentless horde in this magical action game.

  • Monster Masher
    Monster Masher
    Played 2328 times

    Mash and munch on the most magnificent monsters! Catch the monsters in this mouth but watch out for those sharp teeth on the edges if you don't want to be chewed up too! How high can you score in this mouth-watering game?

  • Assemble Monsters
    Assemble Monsters
    Played 55 times

    Can you assemble monsters as fast as possible? Start with the reptilians and assemble your way to more advanced, scarier monsters! Fit the pieces together and see how high you can score!

  • Re Zer 2
    Re Zer 2
    Played 100 times

    They rebuilt you into the perfect weapon against evil. Now entire armies of ghouls and monsters are waiting for you. Eliminate them all as fast as you can in this horrifying action game.

  • Plan Evo
    Plan Evo
    Played 369 times

    An advance alien race invaded planet earth and are planning to evolve civilization with genetic modification! Plan the evolution well by managing the resources in a fun simulation game.

  • Chain Demon
    Chain Demon
    Played 63 times

    These monsters had a wild night out on the town. Now they’re a long way from home...

  • MonsterCraft 2
    MonsterCraft 2
    Played 37 times

    Do you have what it takes to create the most scary and nightmarish monster possible? In Monstercraft 2, you’ll have a variety of monsters to pick and choose to be on your team, and then later on combining them to create the ultimate monster! Explore a world filled with nasty creatures and overcome the challenges that await you!

  • Monster Arena
    Monster Arena
    Played 76 times

    Monster Arena is an awesome arena combat game made. Train and improve your monsters, learn the different attacks and defense moves then fight against other monsters. Got' catch them all, all the monsters ;-)

  • Karting super go
    Karting super go
    Played 172 times

    On this cart track you'll race, chase and challenge pirates, ninjas, cowboys, aliens and even robots. Gain gravel on your opponents and speed towards victory! Earn 10 points for every win and unlock a bonus to pimp your go cart for super speedy fun!

  • Monster Racer Rush
    Monster Racer Rush
    Played 113 times

    Things are bound to get a little crazy when these monsters start racing to the finish line.

  • Extreme Trucks 2: USA
    Extreme Trucks 2: USA
    Played 39 times

    Master your monster truck, smashing everything in your path!

  • Pet Monster Creator: Fantasy
    Pet Monster Creator: Fantasy
    Played 1641 times

    From magical mermaids to dangerous dragons—pick your own mythical sidekick!

  • Pet Monster Creator: Pets
    Pet Monster Creator: Pets
    Played 24 times

    Cuddly kittens and prized pooches are at your fingertips!

  • Extreme Trucks 1: Europe
    Extreme Trucks 1: Europe
    Played 32 times

    Your truck can't do the monster mash, but it'll pulverize anything in its path!

  • Pet Monster Creator
    Pet Monster Creator
    Played 235 times

    It's your choice: a cute and cuddly companion or a sinister-looking sidekick?

  • Personal Monster Checker
    Personal Monster Checker
    Played 132 times

    We all have inner monsters, and a different monster every day. Get acquainted with yours today!

  • Monster Run
    Monster Run
    Played 18 times

    How long can you survive the attack of the 8-bit monsters??

  • TealyGochi
    Played 38 times

    TealyGochi is a baby-blue baby dragon. Take care of him, and raise him to be a good little monster!

  • Monster and Mindy
    Monster and Mindy
    Played 22 times

    Mindy's flying dreams can come true...with a little monster spit power!

  • Red Cross Rush
    Red Cross Rush
    Played 753 times

    Driving an ambulance is da shizzle—even more so if it has monster wheels!!

  • Monster Luring
    Monster Luring
    Played 1 times

    Lure them in and blast them out—that's what monster-killing's all about!

  • Crazy Mustang
    Crazy Mustang
    Played 1293 times

    Sometimes it takes a monster to do a Mustang's job.

  • Trick for Treats
    Trick for Treats
    Played 49 times

    With scare tactics like these, stealing Halloween treats is like taking candy from a baby monster!

  • Festival Sneak In
    Festival Sneak In
    Played 205 times

    Friend's band + monster fest - ticket = time to get creative with the entry!

  • Big Bed Boogeyman
    Big Bed Boogeyman
    Played 829 times

    Good or bad, you're no monster unless you can keep the kid up all night!

  • Me vs Earth
    Me vs Earth
    Played 60 times

    When the world sees you as a monster, your gun is your only friend.

  • Top Truck 2
    Top Truck 2
    Played 355 times

    Monster trucking gets a whole new meaning when it involves zombies.

  • Monster Band
    Monster Band
    Played 96 times

    Direct your monster band so they put on a good show!

  • Monster Shop
    Monster Shop
    Played 126 times

    Take the customer's order, deliver the product and take money.

  • Monster Poolside Sumo
    Monster Poolside Sumo
    Played 55 times

    Knock your opponent out of the circle area in the pool.

  • Halloween Hocus Pocus
    Halloween Hocus Pocus
    Played 34 times

    Catch the potions and turn the monsters back into humans.

  • Substitute
    Played 21 times

    Buy weapons, place them on the board, click on Start, and try to kill all waves of the Sub-Virus monsters!

  • Mon Sudoku
    Mon Sudoku
    Played 18 times

    Choose number or monster mode and fill the grid!

  • Tower Defence
    Tower Defence
    Played 101 times

    Prevent the hordes of monsters from getting to the castle by building element towers near the path.

    • Papa Louie
      Papa Louie
      Played 4804 times

      Collect gold coins and pizza, watch out for monsters and free your friends!

    • Ghoul Academy
      Ghoul Academy
      Played 27 times

      Use your shotgun and kill as many monsters as you can!

    • The 12 Fighters
      The 12 Fighters
      Played 24 times

      The hero from Street Fighter 3 is back! Fight 12 battles against the evil monster.

    • Year of the snake
      Year of the snake
      Played 19 times

      Beat the big angry monster with your sword!

    • Adv. Buttlock
      Adv. Buttlock
      Played 87 times

      Use your sword to fight the monsters!