Memo Games

  • Food Jigsaw
    Food Jigsaw
    Played 63944 times

    How quickly can you reassemble all of these very yummy puzzles? You can put them back together again in one of three different modes based on your skill level in this challenging online game.

  • Little Alchemy 2
    Little Alchemy 2
    Played 38980 times

    You never know what you’ll wind up with in this magical online game. Combine the elements of the earth, wind and more to create new objects.

  • World Trivia
    World Trivia
    Played 23939 times

    How much do you know about the world and all of its most exciting places and things? Have a look at each one of these international cities, activities, cuisines, and much more. Then find out if you can piece together their names using the tiles in this fun and challenging trivia game that will really give your spelling skills a workout.

  • Woodventure
    Played 19680 times

    This boy is going on a magical adventure through a forest filled with cute and charming creatures. He’ll be encountering lots of Mahjong boards along the way and could use your help while completing each one. Can you and him finish them all before he runs out of time in this enchanting puzzle game?

  • Card Match
    Card Match
    Played 17155 times

    Do you have a good short-term memory? If not, you can train it!

  • Maze Planet 3D
    Maze Planet 3D
    Played 15404 times

    These planets are a-maze-ing! Go on an interstellar adventure across the cosmos in this 3D puzzle game. Can you maneuver the soccer ball through the complex mazes on each one of these weird and wild planets? Many of them are really crazy and one was even constructed out of old pianos!

  • Alxemy
    Played 13022 times

    Start from scratch and build your own utopia!

  • Alchemy Evolution
    Alchemy Evolution
    Played 9625 times

    Let's roll through the circle of life!

  • Trolley Dash
    Trolley Dash
    Played 5313 times

    Everyday shopping, we all have to do it. Collect the groceries on your shopping list as quickly as possible!

  • Animal Connection
    Animal Connection
    Played 4846 times

    These adorable animals are trying to form connections with each other. Can you match them up in this cute and cuddly puzzle game? If you get stuck, just hit the shuffle button to move the animals around and place them in a different order.

  • Easter Hunt
    Easter Hunt
    Played 2805 times

    The Easter Bunny could really use some help. All of his eggs are very disorganized. Can you help him match them up in this fun puzzle game?

  • Music Simon
    Music Simon
    Played 2651 times

    How quickly can you master this online version of the classic memory game Simon? Watch the sequence of flashing buttons and attempt to push them in the correct order before time runs out.

  • Horoscope Puzzle 2
    Horoscope Puzzle 2
    Played 2081 times

    What's in the stars for you? Twisted memory puzzles!

  • Brain Spa - Word Matching
    Brain Spa - Word Matching
    Played 1651 times

    Do you see how these headline categories fit together?

  • Dinosaur Eggs
    Dinosaur Eggs
    Played 1381 times

    Hatch big points in this prehistoric puzzle where memory meets mahjong!

  • Swipe Art Puzzle
    Swipe Art Puzzle
    Played 1348 times

    Swipe and slide the tiles into their correct position to complete the picture puzzle. Have fun with the various pieces of beautiful art.

  • The Countries of Europe
    The Countries of Europe
    Played 929 times

    Is your geography up to scratch? Test your European nation know-how here!

  • Goldfish
    Played 917 times

    Remember all the objects you see in the ocean.

  • World On Fire
    World On Fire
    Played 889 times

    It’s going to take more than just water to put out this fire!

  • Puzzletag
    Played 751 times

    Give your memory skills a workout with this challenging puzzle game. Take a quick look at the numbers before they’re covered up. Can you put them back into the correct order afterwards?

  • Monster Mansion
    Monster Mansion
    Played 749 times

    The monsters in this mansion are all mixed up! Can you help them straighten themselves out?

  • Brain Spa - Spelling Booster
    Brain Spa - Spelling Booster
    Played 742 times

    Calling all film geeks! How's your cinema spelling…?

  • Jewels of the Jungle
    Jewels of the Jungle
    Played 641 times
  • Famous Movies Parodies
    Famous Movies Parodies
    Played 596 times

    Do you know a lot about movies? Then put your knowledge to the test with this fun quiz game. Take a look at each one of these hilarious cartoons and see if you can figure out the films that inspired them.

  • Easter Card Match
    Easter Card Match
    Played 565 times

    Play this fun Easter themed matching cards game and find the identical eggs, bunnies and candy's in the fewest moves possible for the sweetest search and find fun!

  • Baby Bubbles
    Baby Bubbles
    Played 552 times

    Baby gets what baby wants!

  • Matching Card Heroes
    Matching Card Heroes
    Played 518 times

    One kingdom. Three heroes. Countless monsters. Can you join these brave adventurers while they battle to defend their home in this enchanting online memory game? They’ll need you to match up the magical cards while they fight tons of fearsome foes.

  • Match Cuties
    Match Cuties
    Played 438 times

    Welcome to the cuddliest collection of matching Memory cards ever!

  • Mountain Mind
    Mountain Mind
    Played 392 times

    Give your brain some exercise with this challenging memory game. Take a look at these cards, which each feature a picture of a type of outdoor gear, and see if you can match them up in the correct order.

  • Kitten Match
    Kitten Match
    Played 344 times

    Can you connect all of these paws-itively adorable kittens? Look at the cards and see if you can match them up in this adorable online memory game.

  • SwitchBall
    Played 337 times

    Sports analogy time: can you keep your eye on the ball?

  • I Lost My Puppy
    I Lost My Puppy
    Played 315 times

    The owner has lost his puppy. Can you help him find his little dog?

  • SWAP
    Played 297 times

    Pick a letter in this word and find out how long you can follow it in this challenging puzzle game. Keeping an eye on the letter as it swirls around is tougher than it might seem.

  • Fairy Cards
    Fairy Cards
    Played 296 times

    Want to be a magician? Can you guess the fairy cards? Help the young student to pass all the tests in the School of Magic! Collect a combination of 3 cards with the same image for a combo and 5 in a row would earn you a triple bonus! You have limited moves and time. Discover the magic now!

  • Secret Book
    Secret Book
    Played 240 times

    Open a dusty, long-forgotten tome, and find yourself...sucked in!

  • Mental Training - Visual Challenge
    Mental Training - Visual Challenge
    Played 240 times

    Challenge the Mentals and play their four mini games to prove your mental prowess and visual aptitude!