Friv Games

  • Digging Diamonds
    Digging Diamonds
    Played 4743 times

    Dig through the dirt for a diamond in the rough.

  • Daily Hidden Object
    Daily Hidden Object
    Played 276306 times

    See how much treasure you can find in the dusty corners of this old shop.

  • Daily Jigsaw
    Daily Jigsaw
    Played 48342 times

    Get your daily dose of jigsaw fun with each one of these puzzles.

  • Dream Christmas Link
    Dream Christmas Link
    Played 22034 times

    Match your way to a very merry Christmas!

  • Santa's Quiz
    Santa's Quiz
    Played 5404 times

    This festive Christmas quiz is tougher than it looks. Can you make it all the way to the end?

  • Deep Sea Mahjong
    Deep Sea Mahjong
    Played 1612 times

    Splash around with these addictive Mahjong challenges—and try not to flounder as they get harder!

  • Back to Santaland: Christmas is Coming
    Back to Santaland: Christmas is Coming
    Played 21048 times

    Match up the ornaments as you make your way through this winter wonderland.

  • 4 level pinball
    4 level pinball
    Played 1581 times

    Clear four fun-packed pinball levels to reach the boss and maximize your score with power-ups!

  • Dream Pet Link
    Dream Pet Link
    Played 156275 times

    Connect identical tiles to each other to clear the board.

  • Beach Sudoku
    Beach Sudoku
    Played 2841 times

    As if Sudoku wasn’t hard enough, now you have to race against the clock in this beach themed puzzle game!

  • Hair Expert
    Hair Expert
    Played 2708 times

    So much hair, so little time. The salon is where all the action is!

  • Get on Top
    Get on Top
    Played 16186 times

    Fun-addicting 2 player action. Try to defeat the other player by pushing him over and Get on Top of him.

  • Clusterz
    Played 3379 times

    Fight the onslaught of bubbles!

  • Run 2
    Run 2
    Played 5232 times

    It’s all about movement in this fast-paced endless runner…are you gonna choose shoes or skates?

  • Shape Inlay
    Shape Inlay
    Played 4323 times

    The clock is ticking, and the pieces are stacking up - put your inner artist to work!

  • Dream Love Link
    Dream Love Link
    Played 18882 times

    Link up these Mahjong lovelies!

  • Woobies
    Played 17776 times

    These adorable little fur balls are trapped! Use your aim and skill to free them, and be the Woobies' hero!

  • Level Editor: The Game
    Level Editor: The Game
    Played 1326 times

    If you want something done right, you've got to do it yourself!

  • Haunt the House
    Haunt the House
    Played 3653 times

    You’ll need all of your best scares to win back your home from this group of meddlesome mortals.

  • Drago Adventure
    Drago Adventure
    Played 1921 times

    Harness the powers of the elements to discover this small dragon’s big strength!

  • Horse Jumping 3D
    Horse Jumping 3D
    Played 4413 times

    Prance and leap your way to elegant equestrian excellence—now in 3D!

  • Red Ball 4
    Red Ball 4
    Played 1862 times

    These nasty squares want to make the world four-sided. Only a true circle can bounce back!

  • Bubble Hit: Halloween
    Bubble Hit: Halloween
    Played 15760 times

    Burst these bubbles with a haunting pop!

  • Rush Rush Santa
    Rush Rush Santa
    Played 2722 times

    Santa's sled must be broken—he's on a scooter this year!

  • Solitaire Frontier
    Solitaire Frontier
    Played 13325 times

    Test your luck with this rootin’ tootin’ card game.

  • Bubblez
    Played 16091 times

    Hey, I didn't mean to burst your bubble. Wait - yes I did.

  • Flappy Bird
    Flappy Bird
    Played 3246 times

    Simple. Addictive. And REALLY, REALLY HARD. Tap to flap your wings and try not to kill the bird, OK?

  • Run
    Played 4161 times

    Do the moonwalk, ehrm, space walk!

  • Red Ball 4: Volume 2
    Red Ball 4: Volume 2
    Played 1121 times

    Help our well-rounded hero stop the evil squares from turning the entire world into Squaresville...

  • Mahjong Solitaire
    Mahjong Solitaire
    Played 8785 times

    Animal tiles add a fun, new twist to this classic game!

  • Skateboard City
    Skateboard City
    Played 1991 times

    Complete these missions and, in the world of skateboarding, you'll rule!

  • Sniper Team
    Sniper Team
    Played 8781 times

    When the going gets tough, there is only one team to join: the Sniper Team.

  • Horse Jumping 2
    Horse Jumping 2
    Played 3696 times

    You'll be jumping for joy when you have a new and improved virtual horse to ride and care for!

  • Speedback
    Played 4343 times

    Real American Football: strong-arm your way into the end zone!

  • Battle for Slugterra
    Battle for Slugterra
    Played 1790 times

    Gorgeous animated graphics await you in this game based on the thrilling world of Slugterra. Join Eli as he continues his quest to become the kingdom’s greatest slug-slinging hero. He’s bringing along his customizable blaster and he’ll be collecting lots of coins and slugs along the way. Can you help keep him safe from the gigantic insects and other monsters that he’s sure to encounter along the way?

  • North Pole Slide
    North Pole Slide
    Played 1729 times

    Score points with your (gift-giving) Christmas spirit!

Friv stands for frivolous and it's the new buzzword that you'll find on many casual online gaming sites. However, with so many types of games to choose from, deciding which one to play is anything but frivolous. Once the decision is made though, getting started should be fun, free, and easy. There's an entire empire of games hiding under the Friv umbrella. Titles vary from the obscure (such as Toffy Cat, which involves supernatural kitty boxing) to some of the most popular games in the world right now (like Angry Birds). There are so many Friv titles that there are entire websites dedicated to picking apart each one. In this catalog, you can mix and match your favorite social features and find out how your skills stack up against your friends and fellow gamers. This category is a grab-bag of genres and styles, meaning that there's guaranteed to be something in here for everyone. The tones of these games vary from silly to serious and they offer something for future fashionistas to enjoy as well as sports and shooter fans.