Cat Games

  • Cat vs Dog
    Cat vs Dog
    Played 32308 times

    Select 1 of the 4 special items and throw bones over the fence to hit the cat!

  • Nyan Cat
    Nyan Cat
    Played 25085 times

    Nyan Cat! Nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan

  • Fussy Furries
    Fussy Furries
    Played 18074 times

    These clever and cute kitties are incredibly fussy when it comes to their toys and favorite types of food. Can you keep them happy in this downright adorable, match 3 puzzle game? Carefully choose the items that each cat likes the most.

  • Cat vs Dog Puzzle
    Cat vs Dog Puzzle
    Played 16224 times

    Try these cute and fluffy cat vs dog jigsaw puzzles for endless fur and fun!

  • Paws to Beauty 3: Puppies & Kittens
    Paws to Beauty 3: Puppies & Kittens
    Played 15316 times

    Get ready to groom some totally cute and super-cuddly pets!

  • TwinCat Warrior 3
    TwinCat Warrior 3
    Played 14277 times
  • Harry The Hamster
    Harry The Hamster
    Played 10645 times

    Help Harry the hamster build tunnels to get safely home past the hungry cat.

  • My Kitten
    My Kitten
    Played 10257 times

    Every cat lover can create their own cute kitten with the Kitten Maker. With the wide range of different features, such as fur, ears, nose and colors the creative process can be enjoyed for hours with this very special styling game.

  • Cute Cat Hospital
    Cute Cat Hospital
    Played 9606 times


  • Kitten Maker
    Kitten Maker
    Played 9472 times

    Custom kitten creation: cause for a cat-lovers celebration!

  • Cute Pet Hospital
    Cute Pet Hospital
    Played 8443 times

    Nobody likes to see their precious pets in pain!

  • Net Pet
    Net Pet
    Played 8377 times

    Decide if you want to adopt a cat or dog and take care of your new pet.

  • Crazy Penguin Catapult
    Crazy Penguin Catapult
    Played 7868 times

    Launch a high-flying, penguin-rescue mission.

  • Fairy Tail
    Fairy Tail
    Played 5916 times

    Dress these wild cats in fairy tale attire!

  • Precious Kitty Dentist
    Precious Kitty Dentist
    Played 5655 times

    Transform yourself into a real-life animal dentist and help nurse this little kitty back to health!

  • Magical Pet Maker
    Magical Pet Maker
    Played 5146 times

    You can create a creature that’s completely cool in this online game. Design a cat that has pink fur or a pony that’s truly magical. The possibilities are endless.

  • Sushi Cat
    Sushi Cat
    Played 4960 times

    Forget the kitty kibble, cats really want sushi.

  • Pet Creator
    Pet Creator
    Played 4507 times

    Loyal as a dog, clean as a cat, and as cute as a squirrel—create your perfect pet!

  • Temple Guardian
    Temple Guardian
    Played 4416 times

    Build arrow and catapult towers to defeat waves of attacks by alien animals and weird objects.

  • Kitty Kingdom
    Kitty Kingdom
    Played 4162 times

    Trouble is afoot (or apaw?) in the kingdom of cats.

  • Lunar Lemurs
    Lunar Lemurs
    Played 3927 times

    Mada and Saha are on a journey to the forgotten land of Tsingy but they can’t get there without your help.

  • Extreme Kitten
    Extreme Kitten
    Played 3871 times

    This feline loves extreme sports and is extremely cute too!

  • Hit-Or-Knit
    Played 3724 times

    This crazy kitten is having a hard time keeping up with all of these balls of yarn. Help her bat them away.

  • Cat Bowling
    Cat Bowling
    Played 3607 times

    Help the cat throw the bowl and try to hit as many animals as possible.

  • Devilish Cat
    Devilish Cat
    Played 3225 times

    This insatiable feline will eat you out of house and home...

  • Cute Kitty Care
    Cute Kitty Care
    Played 3023 times

    Which one of these three totally adorable kitties would like to take care of first? Each one needs a bath, some grooming, and a quick check-up. Once you’re done, you can choose some really cute outfits for them to wear in this online game.

    Played 2869 times

    Fur is certainly going to fly once the centuries-old rivalry enters this virtual arena. Will you fight alongside the cats or defend the dogs? Pick a side and help them dominate the map in this furious and very furry io game.

  • Catty
    Played 2584 times

    Catty’s after her ball of wool: can you help her get there before it all unravels?

  • My Cute Pets 2
    My Cute Pets 2
    Played 2554 times

    How long can you keep your cute pets--the kitten, puppy, hamster, and bunny--happy?

  • Cutest Cat Contest
    Cutest Cat Contest
    Played 2407 times

    These adorable felines will need a lot of primping and pampering if they’re gonna win the top prize...

  • Kitty Pregnant Fashion
    Kitty Pregnant Fashion
    Played 1795 times
  • Kitty Fun Care
    Kitty Fun Care
    Played 1727 times

    Taking care of cats is fun, especially in this adorable simulation game. This kitty got a little messy while she was out exploring her neighborhood this afternoon. Can you give her a bath, trim her nails, feed her, and choose a cute outfit for her too wear, too?

  • Brain Spa - Word Matching
    Brain Spa - Word Matching
    Played 1651 times

    Do you see how these headline categories fit together?

  • Fluffy’s Kitchen Adventure
    Fluffy’s Kitchen Adventure
    Played 1631 times

    Curiosity may not kill the cat, but it will set Fluffy on a fun adventure!

  • Mia's Hospital Recovery
    Mia's Hospital Recovery
    Played 1532 times

    Mia was leaving the mall with lots of packages when she accidentally fell down a flight of stairs. She’s pretty banged up and she might even have a broken arm and a broken ankle, too! Can you take a look at Mia’s injuries and help her feel better in this cute medical game? She’s in the waiting room at the hospital right now.

  • What Famous Cat Are You?
    What Famous Cat Are You?
    Played 1374 times

    Are you like Maru? Or more like Grumpy Cat? Find out with this fun quiz!

Cat games

Feline fans, get all of your kitty love for the day right here. You don't have to be a crazy cat lady to see the appeal of our (usually) more graceful house pets. After all, they've taken over the entire internet! And why shouldn't they? We've all got to admit one thing: sometimes we just need a dose of cute.

So, whether you need a little cheering up or just a quick distraction or diversion, this category has got you covered with plenty of titles that will make you say "meow." Adopt a virtual cat and dress him or her up as a fairytale character, a wild cat, or a mythical being.

Feel free to design your perfect pet! You can also join your kitty friend on an adventure. Together you can storm a castle, catch something tasty for dinner, fly to new heights, or bake some yummy cookies. More of a dog person? Play Cat vs. Dog, or keep all those feisty felines in line with some quick thinking and speedy clicking in Cat Catcher. Or go explore our full category of dog games!

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