Anime and Manga Games

  • Mega Anime Avatar Creator
    Mega Anime Avatar Creator
    Played 1457 times

    Create either your favorite anime character or transform yourself into one in this brand new and most amazing game, Mega Anime Avatar Creator! Let your creativity shine!

  • Super Smash Flash 2
    Super Smash Flash 2
    Played 12752 times

    Prepare for some epic battles! With 28 classic characters to choose from, the possibilities are endless!

  • Crazy Zombie 5.0
    Crazy Zombie 5.0
    Played 1548 times
  • Anime Legends 2.4
    Anime Legends 2.4
    Played 1155 times

    Over a dozen of your favorite characters from the world of anime are just itching for a fight. Choose one and get ready to rumble in this arcade-style fighting game.

  • Manga Creator School Days Page 16
    Manga Creator School Days Page 16
    Played 1249 times

    Create the most romantic scene in Manga ever in this fun 2D graphic game! Let true love grow as you put your words in their mouths.

  • Sword Art Online Dress Up
    Sword Art Online Dress Up
    Played 809 times

    Help this duo get ready for their next battle in the dangerous corridors of the SAO.

  • Anime Summer Dress Up
    Anime Summer Dress Up
    Played 627 times

    This anime girl is ready to hit the beach but she has no clue what to wear. Let’s help her put together a fantastic outfit with some awesome accessories in this dress up game.

  • Nicki’s Roundup
    Nicki’s Roundup
    Played 933 times

    The pigs have gotten loose! Prove that cowgirls can handle more than just cows…

  • Anime Legends 2
    Anime Legends 2
    Played 656 times

    The ultimate legends of anime are here and ready to fight on a battle to death! Control Naruto, Sazuke or Goku and fight other popular anime and manga characters on this sequel of the popular fighting game Anime Legends!

  • Comic Star Fighting v3.6
    Comic Star Fighting v3.6
    Played 567 times


  • Anime Star Fighting
    Anime Star Fighting
    Played 1287 times

    The stars of animation come together with one purpose: last man standing…

  • Dynamons
    Played 2316 times
  • Hatsune Miku Dress Up
    Hatsune Miku Dress Up
    Played 829 times

    Help Hatsune Miku pick out a cute outfit. You can even change the background!

  • Crazy Zombie 9.0
    Crazy Zombie 9.0
    Played 1369 times

    Your favorite heroes from the worlds of anime and video games are about to take on an army of the undead! Join them for an epic fight to the finish in this old-school brawler.

  • Comic Stars Fighting 3.5
    Comic Stars Fighting 3.5
    Played 807 times

    Your favorite anime heroes are about to duke it out. Choose a character and get ready to rumble!

  • Mermaid Melody
    Mermaid Melody
    Played 32 times

    Lucia and her friends are getting ready for their next concert but they have no clue what to wear.

  • Crazy Zombie Eschatology Hero
    Crazy Zombie Eschatology Hero
    Played 51 times

    Humanity isn’t going to save itself. Pick a hero and start clobbering some ghouls.

  • Dragon Fight 1,7
    Dragon Fight 1,7
    Played 123 times
  • Battle Boost Arena
    Battle Boost Arena
    Played 306 times

    Try to push your enemy out of ring

  • Bakugan Card Concentration
    Bakugan Card Concentration
    Played 359 times

    Match the characters and advance to harder levels in the Bakugan

  • Clash Of Ninja
    Clash Of Ninja
    Played 516 times

    Clash Of Ninja

  • Sao Legend
    Sao Legend
    Played 499 times

    Sao Legend

  • K-On Dress Up
    K-On Dress Up
    Played 85 times

    The girls have a big show coming up but they don’t know what outfits to wear. Got any advice?

  • Dragonballz
    Played 54 times

    Choose your character and opponent and win the fight!

  • K-On Dress Up
    K-On Dress Up
    Played 164 times
  • Comic Heroes
    Comic Heroes
    Played 97 times

    Some of the world’s greatest anime characters are about to start an epic brawl. Get ready to fight!

  • Bakugan Power Assault
    Bakugan Power Assault
    Played 23 times

    Help Your Bakugan To Defeat Horrdies

  • Anime Battle 1.9
    Anime Battle 1.9
    Played 289 times

    Let's see how great you are, show your skill and fight like Anime Star in the latest and greatest Anime Battles!

  • DNF 2.9
    DNF 2.9
    Played 18 times

    DNF 2.9 is a different kind of fighting game. Instead of punching and kicking, you will use a variety of weapons to take down your foes. Show no mercy!

  • Manga Creator School Days Page 18
    Manga Creator School Days Page 18
    Played 336 times

    Do you love reading Manga? Create your own characters and situations in this creative new game now.

  • Anime Singer Dress Up
    Anime Singer Dress Up
    Played 60 times

    This anime singer is getting ready for her next concert. Help her pick out an awesome outfit and some accessories in this makeover game. You can even choose an instrument and a microphone for her.

  • One Piece Hot Fight 0.8
    One Piece Hot Fight 0.8
    Played 164 times

    This is one fighting game that you don't want to miss out on! Play as your favorite One Piece characters and brawl again each other to prove who is the best in One Piece Hot Fight 0.8!

  • Pigeon Poo
    Pigeon Poo
    Played 152 times

    Help Walter the pigeon hit as many traffic wardens as possible with his poo!

  • Anime Dress Up 3
    Anime Dress Up 3
    Played 26 times

    Find a cute to suit this anime girl.

  • Classic Hashi Volume 2
    Classic Hashi Volume 2
    Played 30 times

    Calling all Sudoku addicts: this Japanese bridges puzzle is sure to be a fave!

  • Anime Battle 2.0
    Anime Battle 2.0
    Played 422 times

    Join some of the most famous characters from the world of anime as they begin an epic fight to the finish in this action game. You can battle alongside them in three different game modes.

    • Fat Piggy
      Fat Piggy
      Played 85 times

      This pig might not fly...but it definitely gets some air!

    • Flower Cutie Dress Up
      Flower Cutie Dress Up
      Played 15 times

      Give this anime girl an outfit that's as cute as she is!

    • Mermaid Melody
      Mermaid Melody
      Played 219 times

      Help these stylish sirens put together some awesome outfits.

    • Aquarius Zodiac Dress Up
      Aquarius Zodiac Dress Up
      Played 45 times

      Find a fluid ensemble for this water bearer.

    • Anime Jigsaw Puzzle
      Anime Jigsaw Puzzle
      Played 45 times

      Can you piece together these anime images?

    • Sailor Senshi Maker
      Sailor Senshi Maker
      Played 74 times

      The galaxy is once again under attack! But that doesn’t mean there isn’t time for a quick makeover...

    • Super Sailor Moon Dress Up
      Super Sailor Moon Dress Up
      Played 47 times

      Sailor Moon is on a quest for a new look that’s totally out of this world.

    • The King of Fighters vs DNF
      The King of Fighters vs DNF
      Played 56 times

      Who is truly the King of Fighters? Get into the brawler of a life time as you fight your way to becoming the King of Fighters! Fight to victory!

    • One Piece V0.6
      One Piece V0.6
      Played 34 times

      Choose your favorite pirate in this awesome 2D brawler on your browser, One Piece V0.6! Use amazing combos on your foes and fight your way to the top!

    • One Piece Hot Fight 0.7
      One Piece Hot Fight 0.7
      Played 186 times

      Get ready for the ultimate One Piece action fighting game with more characters to choose from than any other One Piece game!

    • Anime Battle 1.2
      Anime Battle 1.2
      Played 20 times
    • Anime Battle 1.6
      Anime Battle 1.6
      Played 58 times

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