Holiday Games

  • Princess Holiday
    Princess Holiday
    Played 2207 times

    <p>This princess is going on an epic holiday that will take her all around the world. Unfortunately, she’s running late and hasn’t packed yet. Can you help her choose which outfits to stuff into her suitcase before she races to the airport in this online game for girls?</p>

  • My Xmas Room
    My Xmas Room
    Played 13023 times

    <p>Get into the holiday spirit in this special edition of your favorite room-decorating game!</p>

  • Princesses City Trip
    Princesses City Trip
    Played 15407 times

    <p>These three princesses are heading into the city for what’s sure to be a super awesome afternoon. But what should they wear? Help them choose some stylish outfits before they leave their castle in this enchanting dress up game for girls. </p>

  • Travel Buddies
    Travel Buddies
    Played 900 times

    <p>It’s time for these two BFFs to go on their next vacation. They love traveling together. Can you help them choose some great outfits and makeup for the trip in this online dress-up game?</p>

  • Ellie Visits Polynesia
    Ellie Visits Polynesia
    Played 4604 times

    <p>Ellie is going on a vacation to Polynesia with one of her best friends. She grew up on one of the region’s islands and she’s eager to show Ellie around. Can you help her choose some great outfits for the trip in this online dress up and design game for girls? She’ll also want to add some photos to her journal when she gets back.</p>

  • BFFs Visit Paris
    BFFs Visit Paris
    Played 1049 times

    <p>These two friends are ready to hit the streets of Paris in style. First though, they should probably have a nutritious breakfast. Can you help them choose two stylish outfits while they get ready for what’s sure to be an unforgettable day in this online game for girls?</p>

  • Personal Shopper 2
    Personal Shopper 2
    Played 16779 times

    <p>Travel around the world with Macy on a shopping adventure in this Personal Shopper sequel.</p>

  • Christmas Dinner: Sara's Cooking Class
    Christmas Dinner: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 23476 times

    <p>Sara's serving up a helping of Christmas cheer this festive season...</p>

  • Back to Santaland: Winter Holidays
    Back to Santaland: Winter Holidays
    Played 159796 times

    <p>Try out all of these puzzles as you travel down a path to an enchanted castle made out of candy canes.</p>

  • Professor Holiday
    Professor Holiday
    Played 8040 times

    <p>Pack your bags in pursuit of the perfect vacation!</p>

  • Travel Diaries: City Break
    Travel Diaries: City Break
    Played 929 times

    <p>This stylish girl hasn’t seen some of her friends in a while. That’s why she’s going on a globetrotting adventure to meet up with them in this online travel simulation game. Can you help her choose the perfect outfit for each stop on her trip? Her friends live in several of the world’s most awesome and fashionable cities.</p>

  • Ary Exciting Road Trip
    Ary Exciting Road Trip
    Played 1109 times

    <p>Ary is going on what’s sure to be a super awesome road trip across Europe. Can you help her get her car ready to go before she chooses a great playlist and packs some cute outfits too in this online game for girls?</p>

  • Princesses Staycation
    Princesses Staycation
    Played 1512 times

    <p>These two princesses have decided to stay home this summer instead of going on a fancy vacation. Can you help them choose a few awesome outfits before they enjoy some of the highlights of their kingdom in this online dress up game for girls?</p>

  • Avie: Christmas Style
    Avie: Christmas Style
    Played 8467 times

    <p>Help this girl celebrate the holidays in style. She needs to get started on a makeover.</p>

  • Princesses: Time Travel
    Princesses: Time Travel
    Played 479 times

    <p>School has been totally boring for these princesses today. Fortunately, a time machine just appeared out of nowhere! Tag along with them as they go on an exciting journey in this crazy dress-up game. Can you help them find the outfits and accessories they’ll need in order to fit in with everyone from Victorian aristocrats to futuristic fashionistas?</p>

  • Princesses on Ibiza
    Princesses on Ibiza
    Played 910 times

    <p>Ibiza is one of the most awesome tourist destinations in Europe. You can join these three princesses while they check out the island’s hottest clubs and coolest beaches in this online dress-up and travel simulation game. They’ll need your advice while they choose some great outfits that will help make their vacation totally spectacular.</p>

  • Ellie: Family Winter Trip
    Ellie: Family Winter Trip
    Played 382 times

    <p>Ellie and her family are going on their first winter vacation. Join them for a fun adventure or two...</p>

  • Winter Bistro
    Winter Bistro
    Played 5079 times

    <p>With the holiday shoppers, this kid's cafe is crazy with customers! Serve 'em quick and keep 'em happy!</p>

  • Mermaid Christmas
    Mermaid Christmas
    Played 306 times

    <p>Take an adventurous holiday plunge with your 3 favorite mermaids!</p>

  • Umbrella Man
    Umbrella Man
    Played 17 times

    <p>Bring joy to Umbrella Man by helping him travel as far as possible!</p>

  • Britney Dress Up
    Britney Dress Up
    Played 30 times

    <p>Britney loves the soft tones of her Spring outfits, so let's try them all!</p>

  • Fun Summer Holiday
    Fun Summer Holiday
    Played 58 times

    <p>Spin the wheel and find out where this girl is going on her next vacation. Oh, and can you help her pack too?</p>

  • Sunny Spring Dress Up
    Sunny Spring Dress Up
    Played 31 times

    <p>It’s hard to out-flower spring, but Kayley has the clothes for the job!</p>

  • Silly ways to die: Christmas Party
    Silly ways to die: Christmas Party
    Played 1613 times

    <p>It's the season to be silly! These crazy creatures found new ways to be dangerously jolly! Can you protect them to keep the festive spirit of the Christmas holidays alive?</p>

  • Princess Summer Vacation
    Princess Summer Vacation
    Played 33 times

    <p>This princess will be spending her summer vacation in three exciting places. Can you help her get ready for her whirlwind trip with three equally exciting outfits in this dress up game for girls?</p>

  • Princesses: Tropical Escape
    Princesses: Tropical Escape
    Played 294 times

    <p>These princesses are done with winter! They really want to escape all the cold weather and have some fun in the sun. That’s why they’re heading off on a trip to a luxurious tropical island! Can you help them pack their suitcases and choose tons of awesome outfits and makeup before it’s time for them to head to the airport?</p>

  • Princesses Visiting Beauty
    Princesses Visiting Beauty
    Played 364 times

    <p>These princesses are about to fly to Italy to spend some time with one of their best friends. Once they arrive, they’ll need your help while they decorate some cool scooters that will take them to her castle. They could also use your fashion tips too in this dress up and design game for girls.</p>

  • Around the World: Winter Holidays
    Around the World: Winter Holidays
    Played 0 times

    <p>The holidays are here and each one of these stylish girls is hosting a party in their native country. Can you help them celebrate the Winter Solstice, Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa in this festive dress-up and design game? You can join them while they put up decorations and decide on the perfect outfits.</p>

  • Molly the Traveler Dress-Up
    Molly the Traveler Dress-Up
    Played 406 times

    <p>Molly loves to travel and her next adventure is going to take her all the way from New York City to Budapest with a few other stops along the way! Can you help her decide which outfits to take with her in this online dress-up and shopping game? Molly needs to stick to her budget while she picks out some new clothes at her favorite boutique.</p>

  • Your Summer Holiday
    Your Summer Holiday
    Played 24 times

    <p>This group of friends is going on a vacation together and you’re invited! Create an awesome style for yourself before you choose tons of outfits in this online dress up game for girls.</p>

  • Annie & Eliza: Tropical Vacation
    Annie & Eliza: Tropical Vacation
    Played 393 times

    <p>Annie and Eliza have just arrived on a tropical island. Can you help them make the most of their vacation in this online dress-up game? They’ll need to choose some cool outfits and makeup before they hit the beach.</p>

  • Princesses: BFFS in New York
    Princesses: BFFS in New York
    Played 177 times

    <p>New York City is a very exciting place and these two princesses are eager to visit some of its coolest attractions. Can you help them choose some cute outfits and hairstyles before they leave their hotel in this online makeover game for girls?</p>

  • Mini Putt Holiday
    Mini Putt Holiday
    Played 3706 times

    <p>Celebrate the holidays with a different type of greenery. Grab your putter and see if you can sink some holes in one. Two very puzzling miniature golf courses are waiting for you. See if you can collect all of the gems on the holes at the gorgeous Snow Valley or take a virtual trip to the greens on Frosty Island. You’re sure to have a great time with this fun and challenging Christmas golf game.</p>

  • Ellie in Greece
    Ellie in Greece
    Played 151 times

    <p>Ellie and her friends are about to go on a vacation to one of Europe’s coolest countries. Can you help them choose some awesome outfits to take with them in this online dress up and design game for girls? You can also create a scrapbook of photos for them so they can have a keepsake of all their memories from the trip.</p>

  • Thai Holiday: Traditional vs. Modern
    Thai Holiday: Traditional vs. Modern
    Played 95 times

    <p>This stylish girl is exploring the history of Thai fashion during her vacation. You can join her while she tries on a few unique outfits from the past and some awesome modern ones, too. Can you help her decide what to wear first in this online dress up game for girls?</p>

  • Winter Holiday Fun
    Winter Holiday Fun
    Played 32 times

    <p>These two sisters are enjoying the winter season. Join them while they decorate their Christmas tree and decide how they’ll spend a snowy day off from school. Should they go sledding or snowboarding? You’ll get to decide in this game for girls.</p>