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The Smurfs: Village Cleaning

One of Jokey Smurf's pranks has gone totally haywire in The Smurfs: Village Cleaning! Can you help fix everything he broke in this cute Smurfs game?

Jokey left one of his exploding gift boxes on the doorsteps of all the Smurfs. Unfortunately, he made them a little too powerful. Now Smurf Village is a complete mess! Team up with Papa Smurf while you clean each house and repair various items. Brainy Smurf's favorite chair was broken and Smurfette needs to piece an old storage chest back together again.

These are just two of the projects you’ll be working on in this very smurfy simulation game. As you make various repairs around the village, you’ll earn helpful upgrades for your tools along with decorations, too! You can use those to fix up your own house.

How to Play The Smurfs: Village Cleaning?

Jokey really got carried away with one of his pranks and now Smurf Village is a complete disaster! You'll need to scrub or repair everything he damaged in this cleaning and design game. Along with tidying up the village, you'll also get the opportunity to spruce up your own house and make it look super smurfy!

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE while you repair or clean each item.

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Who Developed The Smurfs: Village Cleaning?

The Smurfs: Village Cleaning was created by Azerion.