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Solitaire Collection

You can really improve your card playing skills with Solitaire Collection. How quickly will you be able to master Classic Solitaire, Spider, and FreeCell?

Try to match up the cards and remove them from the table as quickly as you can in each of the titles you’ll find in this collection of solitaire games. You can also keep track of your stats. If you get stuck, just click the help button.

How to Play Solitaire Collection?

Solitaire Collection features three timeless card games: Classic Solitaire, Spider, and FreeCell. Each one has specific rules and gameplay, but the goal in all of them is to move the cards into the piles at the top of the screen.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK AND HOLD to select a card.
  • DRAG AND DROP it to place it in a different spot.

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Who Developed Solitaire Collection?

Solitaire Collection was created by Holger Sindbaek.