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Merge Gangster Heist VI

Merge Gangster Heist VI is a merging game in which you have to combine characters to create a powerful team of dangerous gangsters.

How to play Merge Gangster Heist VI?

Each heist in this game requires a balanced team of criminals to carry out various tasks. Think of a hacker to take down the security systems, a driver for a speedy getaway, and some armed gangsters to deal with the police.

You can merge your units in the garage, and hire new gangsters. Two matching units can be combined to create a single unit of a new type. Each type has their own specialty, strengths and weaknesses. So make sure your team has enough gunmen, brawlers, cybercriminals, and whatever other members it needs.

The moment you break into the building, a clock will start running. The alarm has been triggered and the police are on their way! Make sure you break open the vault and collect all the money you need before they arrive.

Once the police arrive, you will have to fight your way out of the building. Your getaway driver will only be able to pull up with the van once you have knocked out all of the policemen.

Game Controls

  • Use the mouse to play, or tap with your finger on touchscreen devices
  • Tap on the van to head to the scene of the crime
  • Walk your main character to the areas in front of the doors and vaults to pick the locks and collect the cash

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Who created Merge Gangster Heist VI?

Merge Gangster Heist VI was created by Mirra Games.

When was Merge Gangster Heist VI first released?

This merging game was first released on October 4, 2023.