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Keep Zombie Away

Keep Zombie Away is a funny survival adventure and zombie game in which you have to hide out in the school dorm. Hide in the bed and build up your security system while the zombie is roaming through the building.

How to play Keep Zombie Away?

In this defense game, the campus is being terrorized by a clown-like zombie. Don't be fooled by his appearance: he's fast and he's dangerous! The moment the alarm goes, a countdown will begin. Run into the dorm and look for an empty room where you can hide.

Try to find a dormroom before all of the avilable ones are occupied by other players. Once a room is locked, you can’t get in. And if you’re still trapped in the hallways once the zombie enters the building, you’ll be done for.

Hide in the bed and earn coins by keeping your character sleeping safely.  You can use these coins to build all kinds of upgrades to strengthen the door, build gun turrets to protect your hero, generate additional energy and increase your earnings.

The zombie will try to attack the doors at random, eliminating you or any other player if it can break through the door and get in. Try to keep the zombie out and build defenses strong enough to kill it. If you kill the zombie, you win the round.

Game Controls

  • Use the MOUSE to play
  • Tap the buttons to select upgrades and view the upgrade menu
  • Tap the floor of your room to bring up the upgrade menu
  • Tap the walls to make the upgrade menu vanish

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Who created Keep Zombie Away?

Keep Zombie Away was created by Yizhiyuan Network Technology.