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Feeling a bit stabby? If so, then it's time to get ready for a real cat fight in

These felines may look cute in their adorable, widdle spacesuits, but each one is a relentless killing machine! Team up with one of these crazy kitties in this intense installment of the Imposter series. These cats make the saboteur in Among Us look tame by comparison!

Hunt down and eliminate your furry enemies while you explore a remote region of outer space. You won’t have to worry about your oxygen levels while you slice and dice your way through them, but watch out! They’ll be coming at you with everything from bread knives to battle axes!

Fortunately, you’ll get more than nine lives to use during your interstellar adventures. For each cosmo kitty you kill, you’ll get closer and closer to earning a better blade and a stack of coins you can trade in for some awesome outfits, accessories, and even pets. You’ll really strike fear into the hearts of your enemies once you get a cowboy hat, a snail to follow you around, or a roll of toilet paper you can stick on your head!

How to Play is an addictive .io game that's incredibly fun! Team up with a courageous cat as it explores outer space and kills everything it encounters with a series of very pointy objects! Just watch your energy levels! If your kitty gets tired, it'll become really sluggish (and the purr-fect target for your adversaries).

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE to direct your cat and point your weapon.
  • LEFT CLICK to use super speed to dodge an enemy (or attack one).

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Who Developed was created by Grinding Games.