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Five Nations

There’s a war brewing on the Martian frontier. Lead your forces into battle in Five Nations

You can join a quick skirmish or a full military campaign in this multiplayer strategy game. Dive into a thrilling epic as new chapters are steadily introduced. What adventures await you in Calm Before the Storm, the first one in a five part series? 

Head to the Thereshkova Training Station where Commander Vargas is waiting for you. He’ll help you prepare for a series of missions that will take you to the front lines of an ongoing conflict with rebels on Mars and beyond! 

If you really like battle games, you should also try Conflict of Nations and Battle for the Galaxy.

Game Controls 

  • USE THE MOUSE to look for items, develop resources, etc. 
  • LEFT CLICK to make strategic choices, select various items and units, etc. 

About the Game Developers 

Five Nations was developed by Huz.