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Spin Master

Spin Master is a skill game in which you have to get through a maze and defeat the strange block-shaped and other geometric monsters that attack you using a spinning ring of knives.

How to play Spin Master?

Move through the arena and dodge the other characters in this casual game with lots of short, action-packed levels. Each time they come close, they will be hit by the ring of knives spinning around you. However, each enemy has a number written on it. This number shows the amount of hits it can take before it is defeated.

Take out as many enemies as you can and collect the power-ups they drop. That way, you can collect extra knives, coins to upgrade your attack power, and a speed booster to turbo-charge your knife spinning skills.

Collect new characters and unlock cool new knives and blades. Can you defeat the final boss at the end of each level?

Game Controls

  • Use the mouse or drag your finger across the touchscreen to move your character and dodge enemies
  • The side- and top-scrolling levels will also move your character forward automatically
  • The knives will spin automatically

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Who created Spin Master?

Spin Master was created by Yizhiyuan Network Technology.