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Iron Order 1919

Iron Order 1919 is a multiplayer war game set in an alternate universe where World War I did not end in 1918. Instead, a temporary armistice has caused an arms race in technological advances, resulting in massive Mechs roaming the battlefields. Go to war in 20th century Europe like you’ve never seen it before, with realistically rendered Dieselpunk and Steampunk designs.

How to play Iron Order 1919?

Your goal is to take over the majority of the world map. Build up your resources and invest in technological innovations to gain the upper hand in this real-time multiplayer strategy game. Build factories and railroads to increase your production and transport capabilities.

Take control of maps loosely based on actual war scenarios from World War I. You can enter matches against other players, but you can also build strategic alliances. To build up a position of power, enhance your units to unlock the most powerful Titan class.

Iron Order 1919 is regularly updated, adding new units, Mechs, technologies, and lore to the alternate universe of this long-time strategy game.

Game Controls

Use the mouse to play.

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Who created Iron Order 1919?

Iron Order 1919 was created by Bytro.