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Eating Simulator

Eating Simulator is an idle clicker game in which your aim is to eat as much food as possible. How many times have you heard you need to eat well or you won’t grow big and strong? But what would happen if you ate a lot and never stopped growing? You’re about to find out…

How to play Eating Simulator?

Your aim is to grow as big and tall as possible. Your character will keep shoveling food into their mouth automatically, but by clicking you can make them eat a little faster.

You can also upgrade the food to unlock more caloric value and grow quicker. Trade your accumulated calories for coins to unlock several other upgrades as well. Head to the upgrade menu, where you can increase your eating speed and growth potential.

After reaching level 5, you can also compete against other characters in an eating competition for extra calories. Watch your character grow and the park and other players shrink away behind you. Can you become as big as the planet earth itself?

Game Controls

  • Use the mouse to play
  • Tap anywhere on or around the character to eat faster
  • Tap on the buttons to open the different menus

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Who created Eating Simulator?

Eating Simulator was created by 2Play.

When was Eating Simulator first released?

This game was first released in January, 2024.