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Captain Gold

Captain Gold is a hypercasual skill game. Throw the pickaxe at the spinning rocks, gold nuggets, and precious stones to break them and collect them in your cart.

How do you play Captain Gold?

Throw the miner’s pickaxe into the air to help Captain Gold collect the underground riches. Hit as many emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and gold nuggets as you can. You must break all of the spinning gems and ores to fill the cart.

You only have a limited number of pickaxes though, so make sure you watch the spinning rocks carefully and don’t miss. You can add extra pickaxes to your collection by filling the green bar at the bottom of the screen.

Game Controls

Use the mouse or touchpad. Tap to throw a pickaxe straight up into the air.

Who created Captain Gold?

This game was created by Freak X Apps. This studio also produced a number of other skill and puzzle games such as 10x10 Gems Deluxe.

For another skill game from our collection with similar mechanics, try Knife Smash by Inlogic Software.

When was Captain Gold first released?

This game was first released on April 20, 2023.