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Ball Picker 3D

There's lots of gaps to fill in Ball Picker! Will you be able to achieve the goals in each exciting level?

Take control of the container before you start collecting silver balls in this challenging ball game. You’ll need to gather a certain amount during each stage before dumping them into the gaps at the end of each one. There’s also useful upgrades you can grab along the way!

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How to Play Ball Picker?

The goal of the 3D game Ball Picker is to collect a certain number of balls in order to fill gaps and pass over them at various stages within each level. Keep your eyes peeled for useful upgrades like fans that will help you keep the balls in your container.

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE to guide the container during each level.
  • LEFT CLICK to make it begin moving.

Who Developed Ball Picker?

Ball Picker was created by BestGames.