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What's the Difference

What’s the Difference is a puzzle game filled with spot the difference pictures. In this game, you can play a series of knockout tournaments against other players.

How to play What’s the Difference?

Spot the differences faster than the other players in this image search game. You can play against AI opponents to advance along the level map, and challenge real opponents in the knockout tournaments that take place weekly.

The map contains more than 1000 levels in which you can help the detective solve the case by comparing two colorful pictures of sweets, animals, and more. Can you spot the differences between the two images faster than anyone else?

The squares at the bottom of the screen show how many differences you need to find between each set of two pictures. You can use a limited number of hints to complete the puzzles if you feel stuck. To use a hint, tap the 

Game Controls

  • Left click or tap the touchscreen to play
  • Tap on the differences you’ve spotted to mark them with a green circle
  • Hints will be highlighted by a purple circle, tap them to make them green

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Who created What’s the Difference?

What’s the Difference was created by Zebomba Games Co. 

When was What’s the Difference first released?

This game was first released on October 19, 2021.