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The Shape

The Shape is a challenging puzzle game testing your reasoning skills. Can you find the correct shape to complete the equation before the time runs out?

How to play The Shape?

Find the correct answer to each question in the pattern recognition quiz. You’ll see a formula featuring shapes you have to either combine with each other, or remove from the picture. Can you figure out which shape is the one to complete the formula?

There are 25 possible answers shown. Look carefully, focus on the right shape, and quickly tap the correct answer. The timer is brief, and the sums will get more complicated as you progress. How long can you stay in the game?

Game Controls

  • Use the mouse or touchscreen to play
  • Tap one of the shapes to select the right answer

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Who created The Shape?

The Shape was created by Agame.

When was The Shape first released?

This game was first released on February 6, 2024.