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Slingshot Jetpack

It's time to blast off in Slingshot Jetpack!

Will you be the first racer to slam into all the targets just past the finish lines in this totally crazy flying game? You've got a jetpack, but it isn't quite powerful enough to get you to them. Fortunately, you and your opponents will each get a slingshot that will help you start moving!

Fly through the hoops and collect coins during each race. You’ll get to trade them in for cooler jetpacks and costumes between competitions. Just watch out for the arches, Ferris wheels, and other structures. If you crash into one, you’ll have to start over!

How to Play Slingshot Jetpack?

Slingshot Jetpack is a challenging skill game. Blast through hoops and grab coins after you launch yourself over the skies of a busy city. Will you be the first racer to hit the target?

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK, DRAG, AND UNCLICK to launch your racer from a slingshot.
  • LEFT CLICK AND HOLD AGAIN to take control of them in mid-flight.
  • USE THE MOUSE to guide your racer.

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Who Developed Slingshot Jetpack?

Slingshot Jetpack was created by