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Pet Salon

Pet Salon is an animal care game in which you can wash, comb, and photograph cute puppies and kittens that need your help. Just look at the difference before and after!

How to play Pet Salon?

These dirty pets need your help. Wash the puppies with water and dog shampoo before combing their fur. The long-haired cat has some tangles which you’ll have to shave away before you can wash the kitty’s paws and trim her nails.

If the pets are ill, you’ll have to administer some medication as well. When the pets are clean and happy again, you can take a photograph. Use the slider to compare the before and after pictures.

Game Controls

Use the mouse to play.

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Who created Pet Salon?

Pet Salon was created by BPTop.

When was Pet Salon first released?

This game was first released on February 26, 2024.