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Millionaire Trivia Quiz

See if you can become really rich in Millionaire Trivia Quiz! How much virtual money will you win in this online game show game?

You’ll have to answer lots of questions about history, pop culture, and plenty of additional topics. Show off your knowledge while you attempt to earn big bucks in this unique online trivia game. You can trade those in for lots of cool stuff like nightclubs and banks. There's an entire business empire you can build with your earnings.

How to Play Millionaire Trivia Quiz?

Try to earn as much virtual cash as you can while you answer lots of trivia questions. You'll earn larger sums for each question you correctly answer in this quiz game, but be careful. They’ll gradually become more difficult as the amount of money that's on the line gets bigger. Will you be able to answer a question that will net you a million dollars?

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK to select the correct answers and more.

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Who Developed Millionaire Trivia Quiz?

Millionaire Trivia Quiz was created by AppyApp.