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Lucky Looter

This fearless thief will steal just about anything that isn’t nailed down! Team up with him for his next series of burglaries in Lucky Looter.

He knows lots of houses that are filled with items that will help him earn big bucks. Keep the thief from getting caught while he steals everything from furniture to stacks of cash in this escaping game. Will you be able to get him back to his getaway car in each thrilling level?

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How to Play Lucky Looter?

In Lucky Looter you’ll be joining a brave burglar while he tries to steal everything he can from a series of houses. Help him avoid security guards and residents or hide from them in his handy-dandy cardboard box.

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE to guide the thief through each house.
  • LEFT CLICK to make him hide in the box or emerge from it.

Who Developed Lucky Looter?

Lucky Looter was created by BPTop.