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Johnny Revenge

These hostages won't save themselves! It’s time to join a world famous assassin on a series of pulse-pounding missions in Johnny Revenge!

Johnny is determined to eliminate as many terrorists as possible while he fights to free their captives. Unfortunately, he didn’t bring much ammo with him. Help Johnny complete each mission, perform awesome flips, and reach the checkpoints in this action game.

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How to Play Johnny Revenge?

Johnny Revenge is an action-packed platform game. Team up with Johnny while he uses his limited supply of bullets to wipe out terrorists and tries to rescue hostages. Just be careful! If a hostage gets shot, he’ll have to start over.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK to make Johnny aim his gun.
  • LEFT CLICK again to make him pull the trigger.

Who Developed Johnny Revenge?

Johnny Revenge was created by kiz10 & TapTap.