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Start cleaning up in Dust! Join forces with a robotic vacuum cleaner in this totally crazy multiplayer game!

Unfortunately, it tends to get carried away. So do its rivals, especially as they become bigger in this weird and wacky .io game! Your vacuum cleaner will start out small, but it could grow large enough to begin sucking up everything from vending machines to entire airplanes!

How to Play Dust

Help out a robotic vacuum cleaner in this fun online game while it participates in a cleaning competition. Your goal is to make it the biggest one in town before the clock runs down to zero. The more stuff it sucks up, the larger it will become!

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK AND HOLD to take control of your vacuum cleaner.
  • MOVE THE MOUSE to make it move in various directions.

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Who Developed Dust

Dust was created by Hit Games.