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Dice Push

How many rounds will you win in Dice Push? You’ll need a bit of luck to beat your opponent in this fun and unique online game.

You’ll be taking control of a small army in this intense stickman game. Use them to push the barrier across your opponent's territory and over the edge just beyond it. You can add more stickmen by rolling the dice. Watch out, though! Your opponent will be determined to use their own stickmen to push the barrier across your own turf.

How to Play Dice Push?

The goal of Dice Push is to knock a barrier over the side of your opponent’s territory with stickmen. You can add additional stickmen by rolling the dice. For example, rolling a 6 will add six of them.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK to roll the dice.

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Who Developed Dice Push?

Dice Push was created by