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Bus Stop Color Jam

Bus Stop Color Jam is a funny sorting game in which you have to help the passengers run to the right busses to catch their ride.

How to play Bus Stop Color Jam?

Each stickman has a different color. Can you help them catch the bus that matches their hue? Tap on a stickman to make him run from the waiting area to the bus stop.

There is only enough room for 8 stickmen to queue on the pavement by the bus stop, so make sure the area doesn’t get too crowded.

There are three seats available on each bus. When these are filled, the bus will drive away, allowing the next bus to pull up.

The stickmen can only move to the bus stop if there are no other stickmen blocking their path. Make sure they all board the buses in an orderly fashion.

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Who created Bus Stop Color Jam?

Bus Stop Color Jam was created by CursoraLabs.

When was Bus Stop Color Jam first released?

This game was first released on June 17, 2024.