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Bubble Fever Blast

Bubble Fever Blast is a bubble shooter game with a slot machine element that allows you to unlock fever mode and shoot a volley of bombs!

How to play Bubble Fever Blast?

Shoot the bubble from the cannon at the bottom of the screen and try to hit bubbles of the same color. Combinations of three or more of the same ones will get knocked down and vanish.

Score enough points to trigger the reels of the slot machine. Spin to win bombs or a cascade of bubbles to boost your score. By hitting a triple 7, you’ll unlock fever mode. Bombs will appear in your cannon one after the other, allowing you to blast away huge chunks of the bubble cluster.   

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Who created Bubble Fever Blast?

Bubble Fever Blast was created by Synk Inc.

When was Bubble Fever Blast first released?

This game was first released on May 31, 2024.