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Bank Robbery

Bank Robbery is a 3D action game in which you are part of a team of bank robbers. The police has just entered the bank. Can you shoot them and get out before you are injured and arrested?

How to play Bank Robbery?

The police will enter the building through the front entrance and the emergency exit around the back. Hide behind the walls and pillars in this shooting game, or crouch behind the teller’s desks, decorative plants, and filling cabinets.

Shoot the policemen and make sure you don’t get hit. Your character will automatically reload your gun, but this will take a moment. Be sure to duck for cover while you relied your gun.

The action starts in the main hall of the bank, but you can explore other rooms and corridors of the building as well.

Game Controls

Use the keyboard and the mouse to play.


  • WASD = Move
  • Space = Jump
  • C = Crouch
  • E = Pick up weapon
  • Shift key = Run
  • Numbers 1 - 5 = Change weapon 


  • Left Click = Shoot
  • Right click = Crosshair sight
  • Mouse wheel = Change weapon

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Who developed Bank Robbery?

Bank Robbery was developed by Justaliendev.