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2020 Plus

2020 Plus is a block puzzle game featuring a 10 by 10 square board. Move the blocks onto the board and try to fill complete rows and columns to clear more space for new blocks.

How to play 2020 Plus?

In each round, you’ll receive three blocks. You must slot them all onto the 10 by 10 grid before you can receive a new batch. The blocks may not overlap. Tap a block and drag it to the board to place it where you want it. When you release, the block will slot into place and cannot be moved again.

In the beginning, finding a spot to fit each block is easy. However, as the board gets fuller the game will become more difficult. Particularly the bigger blocks in your tray might quickly prove challenging.

If you can’t place any more blocks onto the board, you lose the game.

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Game Controls

Tap and drag to move the blocks.

Who created 2020 Plus?

2020 Plus was created by Agame.

Release Date

This game was released on April 4, 2023.