To play these games, you need to have the latest versions of these plug-ins: Java, Shockwave, Flash.

Click here to check if you have the latest versions of these plug-ins.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. The game is not running correctly. What can I do?

There could be several reasons for this, so please check all these points carefully.

  1. To play the online games you need three (free) software programs installed correctly on your computer: Java, Shockwave, and Flash. Check your plugins using the link at the top of this page: “Check if your browser has the latest version of these plugins” to make sure you have the most recent version of this software on your computer.
  2. Some games only run correctly in the browser Internet Explorer (IE). Try playing the game in IE if you are not using IE now. Other games may also run more efficiently using the alternative browser Firefox, which you can download at: //www.getfirefox.com.
  3. The game may not be running because your Internet connection is too slow. Some games may take several minutes to load over a slow connection.
  4. Some games are linked to developer‘s website. The game may not run correctly on our website if that site is experiencing problems, but the game will generally run correctly again the next day.
  5. Your firewall settings may also be set at too high a level and will block cookies. The majority of our games will try to place cookies on your computer and you may want to consider adjusting your firewall settings for our website.

2. A game ran correctly initially, but no longer runs properly. What can I do?

Java may not have been installed correctly. Please do the following to resolve this:

  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Choose Extra
  • Choose Internet Options
  • Choose Security
  • Click Custom level

Choose "Enable" in any box where you can check "Java".

Also adjust the following:

  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Choose Extra
  • Choose Internet Options
  • Choose Advanced

Make sure to check "Java (sun)" and to uncheck "Microsoft VM". If this has no effect, please try playing the game using the alternative browser Firefox (use the link to download this as described in question 1).

3. I want GamesGames.com to be my homepage. How can I do that?

To install GamesGames.com as your homepage, please go to "Settings" in the Start menu. Choose "Internet Options" and enter //www.GamesGames.com/ in the blank field. Click Apply and then OK.

4. How can I add a game to "My Games"?

When you find a game that you really like on our website, you can save it under “My Games”. You will see a grey button "Add to My Games" under each game and clicking that button will add that game to your Game Page. Please bear in mind that this will only work on one computer, e.g. your computer at home. It will not work on a shared computer at school or at work, for example.

5. I purchased a game, but I have not received the e-mail containing my registration code. When will I receive it?

You should receive a response e-mail containing the registration code within a few hours. If you do not receive it within that time, please check your junk mail or spam box. You can use this registration code to download the game to your computer and you can then enjoy unlimited gameplay. Please keep your e-mail with the registration code in a safe place to allow you to play the game again after reinstallation of your computer. The delivery of your game may also be delayed because you have requested the game on CD, in which case delivery may take up to 4 weeks. Please accept our apologies for this!

6. Can you limit the number of Korean/Chinese games?

Although we understand that most of you do not speak Korean or Chinese, our principal aim is to feature high-quality games on our website and these are often developed in China and Korea. We would welcome the opportunity to include more English games on our site, but there are simply not as many high-quality English games available, so we offer a range of English and Chinese/Korean games.

7. Can I lower the game sound?

Some games have the option to reduce the sound or turn it off, but most of them do not have this option. If you find the sound distracting, lower the sound level of your computer system or turn it off.

8. I would like to exchange my link/banner with you. Is that possible?

We regret that we do not exchange links or banners with users; all the ads on our site are commercial. If you are interested in placing your ad on our website, please click "Advertise" on the SPIL GAMES B.V. website home page to contact our Advertising team. They will be happy to answer all your questions on promotion on our website.

9. Can I play your games with a joystick?

Please note that you must use the computer keyboard and the mouse to control our games. You cannot play the games with a joystick or any other game devices or equipment.

10. Can I subscribe to your site?

It is not necessary to subscribe to our game portal. You can simply click and play a game of your choice immediately. You will be requested to supply your information for a limited number of games only, but this is optional.

11. Can I download these games to my mobile phone?

The games on our portals are not meant to download on your mobile phone. Of course, if you have a phone with internet connection, you might be able to play them, but it is not what the games are intended for.