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Travian Kingdoms

Enter an ancient world full of challenges in Travian Kingdoms. Show off your leadership skills while you lead your villagers to glory in this MMO game.

Become either a powerful king or a more diplomatic governor before you take control of a fledgling village. Can you turn it into a thriving civilization in this multiplayer strategy game? You'll need to collaborate with other gamers, especially if you don't want them to attack you! Can you turn a single village into a successful kingdom in this browser-based simulation game?

How to Play Travian Kingdoms?

Take control of a small village and see if you can expand it into a mighty kingdom in this build-and-raid MMO strategy game. Develop new villages and cities, train armies, and even build iconic Wonders of the World as you attempt to become a wise and respected ruler.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK to select units, begin projects, and more.

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Can I Play Travian Kingdoms on Mobile?

You sure can! Download this massive multiplayer online game from Google Play or the Apple App Store

Who Developed Travian Kingdoms?

Travian Kingdoms was created by Travian Games.