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Fully fleshed-out figures are soooo overrated. If you prefer your action a little edgier, or a little "stickier," then this category of free games featuring stick-figure characters will be right up your alley. Probably the most popular and best-known titles are the stick assassin games. They feature some seriously tough characters. However, you can just as easily play stick-figure sports. Take your stick games a bit more literally? You can also hang out with a literal (well, virtual) stick and your new online pet. This Fido will play fetch as long as you want. Because, after all, who's controlling the dog? In this category, a backyard game of fetch can become an epic adventure. Stick men and women can do the same things anyone else can. So what you'll find here are fun games in your favorite genre, whatever that is, with some extra-cool minimalistic graphics. Like what you're playing? Save the game to your favorites to find on your profile later. Then keep checking back here for new stick titles that will be added regularly.