• Jump Racer
    Jump Racer
    It’s a simple equation: speed = distance, get it wrong and you crash and burn…
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  • ColorSmash
    Clear squares by clicking on a square that has two or more of its color next to it. Simple.
    Played 200 times
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  • Flower Mini Golf
    Flower Mini Golf
    Become a master of mini golf in this simple yet addicting game!
    Played 141 times
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  • My Dream Cake
    My Dream Cake
    Design your dream cake! Make it fancy, or keep it simple. No matter how you slice it, cake is always...
    Played 118 times
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  • Joe vs Armegeddon
    Joe vs Armegeddon
    A meteorite has unleashed the undead evil of the earth, and it's up to one simple man to save the pl...
    Played 2 times
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