• Harry The Hamster
    Harry The Hamster
    Help Harry the hamster build tunnels to get safely home past the hungry cat.
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  • Ramps
    Drag and rotate the ramps to construct a pathway to safely guide the spheres into the goal.
    Played 217 times
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  • Flame Fighter
    Flame Fighter
    Fight your way through the flames and keep the neighborhood safe!
    Played 164 times
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  • Bunnies and Eggs
    Bunnies and Eggs
    Try to get all of the cute bunnies safely to the other side!
    Played 128 times
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  • Guitar Crazy
    Guitar Crazy
    Live the guitar god dream, rocking out while safely behind the keyboard.
    Played 49 times
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  • Run Run
    Run Run
    Jumping for joy is only safe if you time your jumps well...
    Played 39 times
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  • Z - Man
    Z - Man
    Help the passengers pass safely from train to train.
    Played 20 times
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  • Scribble!
    Draw lines to guide these little creatures safely through the levels.
    Played 16 times
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  • Monte Alpenspitze
    Monte Alpenspitze
    Arrange your own selected mountaineer equipment and try to safely reach the summit of the mountain.
    Played 9 times
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  • Towering Inferno
    Towering Inferno
    Let the people from the burning building bounce off of the safety net and then bounce them to the am...
    Played 6 times
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  • Snowflakes
    Save the snowflakes by guiding them safely to the finish!
    Played 5 times
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  • Ball Revamped
    Ball Revamped
    Try to keep the ball steady and move it safely to the exit!
    Played 3 times
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  • First Flight
    First Flight
    Bounce the chick to a safe landing on top of balloon.
    Played 2 times
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  • Thrust-2
    Shoot the balloons and land safely on the platform!
    Played 1 times
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  • Through the Machine
    Through the Machine
    You are a fly caught in a machine--can you make it out safely?
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  • KMB Survivor
    KMB Survivor
    Navigate your hero safely through the super-charged landscape or he'll end up super dead.
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