• Luxor
    Destroy Set’s evil spheres before they reach the pyramids.
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  • Aztec Pyramid Doll House
    Aztec Pyramid Doll House
    What lurks behind the walls of this ancient Aztec pyramid? It's your pyramid, so you decide!
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  • Pyramid Doll House
    Pyramid Doll House
    Walk like an Egyptian, talk like an Egyptian...and play "doll house" like an Egyptian: with a pyrami...
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  • Pyramid Runner
    Pyramid Runner
    Collect all the gold nuggets on each level and beware of the enemies!
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  • Ancient Quest of Saqqarah
    Ancient Quest of Saqqarah
    Underneath the ancient pyramid of Saqqarah lies a hidden oasis...of awesome gem-matching puzzles!
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  • Pyramid Adventure
    Pyramid Adventure
    This excavation team's bitten off more than it can chew...and now it has some mummy danger to swallo...
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