Princess Games

  • Princess Juliet Castle Escape 4 - Troll Castle
    Princess Juliet Castle Escape 4 - Troll Castle
    Played 2334 times

    The nasty trolls stole the treasure from the elves! Help Princess Juliet to escape once again with fun clues and puzzles to solve! Can she safely recover the treasure from Troll Castle?

  • Design Princess Sofia's Wedding Dress
    Design Princess Sofia's Wedding Dress
    Played 8114 times

    Princess Sofia is getting married soon! Help her take measurements, choose the design, color and cut for her perfect day!

  • Belle and Ariel Car Wash
    Belle and Ariel Car Wash
    Played 1327 times

    These two Disney princesses have gotten a little bored in their castles. They’ve decided to raise some money for charity by opening a car wash in this fun dress up and cleaning game. They want to look totally awesome while they tend to their customers. Can you give them advice on which outfits to wear? Oh, and they also need your help washing all of the cars too!

  • A Cinderella Story
    A Cinderella Story
    Played 2387 times
  • Design Princess shoes
    Design Princess shoes
    Played 2712 times

    This is a free Design Shoe game! You are going to help this young princess to find a perfect and unique shoes! You are going to design her lovely shoes! Use different model, colors and so on to make it the best!

  • Cinderella Wedding Prep
    Cinderella Wedding Prep
    Played 2134 times

    Disney princess Cinderella is getting married to her prince Charming soon! Their fairytale wedding is going to be unforgettable. Cinderella is looking for the perfect wedding dress and she could really use your fashion expertise. There are lots of beautiful bridal gowns she likes but she can only choose one! Which one looks best? Dress up Cinderella in a beautiful bridal dress and choose the dress that suits her most.

  • Belle and Petit: Palace Pets
    Belle and Petit: Palace Pets
    Played 649 times

    Each one of these royal pets is very messy. Let’s give them a bath and help them look pretty.

  • Ariel's Graduation Ball
    Ariel's Graduation Ball
    Played 1564 times

    Ariel is graduating! She is so ready for the ball of the year. Can you help her look amazing for prince Eric? Our favorite Little Mermaid wants to catch Eric's eye but she needs your dress up skills. You can be her fashion adviser now for the total makeover of the year!

  • Princess Juliet: Frozen Castle
    Princess Juliet: Frozen Castle
    Played 1243 times

    Princess Juliet and Koobs has been kidnapped and locked in the Frozen Castle. The evil Wizard is behind it all. He even turned the prettiest season of spring into an icy frozen winter! Our lovely princess needs all your help to escape and turn winter back to spring again! Use your special skills to free Princess Juliet and Koobs from the spell of the Wizard before it's too late!

  • Princess Sofia: Fairy Tale Wedding
    Princess Sofia: Fairy Tale Wedding
    Played 390 times

    The princess is preparing for her big day and she's running late. Can you help her get ready?

  • Anna Pool Celebration
    Anna Pool Celebration
    Played 624 times

    Anna is enjoying a totally cool vacation in the tropics. Help her unwind down by the pool.

  • Messy Sofia
    Messy Sofia
    Played 276 times

    Sofia got her new dress all dirty. Can you get it cleaned up and fast?

  • Frozen Snow Prom Party
    Frozen Snow Prom Party
    Played 2361 times

    These two sisters are preparing for prom but they haven't a clue what to wear...

  • Ellie: Princess Story
    Ellie: Princess Story
    Played 1329 times

    Join Ellie for some enchanting games based on a few of her favorite fairy tales.

  • Unicorn Princess Dress Up
    Unicorn Princess Dress Up
    Played 38 times

    Pick out a totally adorable princess outfit for this cool teen.

  • Water Princess Make-Up
    Water Princess Make-Up
    Played 38 times

    Make sure to waterproof this mermaid's make-up!

  • Princess Bedroom Decoration
    Princess Bedroom Decoration
    Played 495 times

    Every little princess needs a royal bedroom!

  • Bird Princess Dress Up
    Bird Princess Dress Up
    Played 25 times

    This precious princess is pining to fly in the sky with her bird companions!

  • Rainbow Princess Make Up
    Rainbow Princess Make Up
    Played 51 times

    Rainbow colors are the latest fashion in this kingdom of clouds!

  • Dark Princess Dress Up
    Dark Princess Dress Up
    Played 451 times

    When this dark princess gets her scepter out, she means business!

  • Cute Goth Princess Dress Up
    Cute Goth Princess Dress Up
    Played 43 times

    This goth princess is out of control, and she won't take fashion advice from anyone but you!

  • Sunflower Princess Hairstyles
    Sunflower Princess Hairstyles
    Played 40 times

    Send this sunflower-loving princess skipping through the stalks in a sparkly new outfit!

  • Princess Hairstyle
    Princess Hairstyle
    Played 624 times

    It's up to your styling expertise to save the princesses from hair havoc!

  • Glamour Princess Dress Up
    Glamour Princess Dress Up
    Played 40 times

    When you're the belle of the ball, you want to be EXTRA belle!

  • Prom Makeover
    Prom Makeover
    Played 66 times

    This prom princess wants to shine at the center of attention!

  • Super Princess Dress Up
    Super Princess Dress Up
    Played 320 times

    Some days, princesses wanna look like princesses. Some days, they just wanna wear jeans!

  • Ocean Princess Puzzle
    Ocean Princess Puzzle
    Played 1831 times

    At the bottom of the ocean is a beautiful princess waiting for you to dress her up in her prettiest gowns!

  • Punk Princess Show
    Punk Princess Show
    Played 261 times

    Go crazy with the wildest looks ever to hit the runway!

  • Pony Princess Hairstyles
    Pony Princess Hairstyles
    Played 33 times

    Why is she the princess of the ponies? Because of her wild mane, of course!

  • Outfit Frenzy Dress Up
    Outfit Frenzy Dress Up
    Played 340 times

    It's a dress-up extravaganza: create a bride, princess, tomboy, hipster, debutante, or a bookish beauty!

  • Christmas Princess Dress Up
    Christmas Princess Dress Up
    Played 195 times

    Mrs. Claus, watch out: the Christmas Princess is the prettiest thing this side of the Arctic Circle!

  • Princess Proposal Dress Up
    Princess Proposal Dress Up
    Played 48 times

    It's the moment she's been waiting for, and everything has to be perfect...

  • Princess Vogue
    Princess Vogue
    Played 15 times

    No matter where she travels, Princess Vogue has the perfect royal look for the occasion!

  • The Princess on the Pea
    The Princess on the Pea
    Played 71 times

    Know how to tell the difference between a real princess and a fake one? There's only one way to find out...

  • Transylvanian Princess Dress Up
    Transylvanian Princess Dress Up
    Played 93 times

    After midnight, this princess and her castle become more boooo-tiful than ever!

  • Castle Quest
    Castle Quest
    Played 31 times

    The princess awaits, but evil will wait for no one.

Even if this is as close as you'll ever get to royalty, playing these hundreds of princess games will net you the biggest royal wardrobe online. With a different closet for each title's princess, you'll have more options than you know what to do with. There's a princess for every season and for every personality or type of holiday too! These royals love everything from Disney movies to goth culture. You can play as particular ones too. They can be from the real world, pop-culture (like Buttercup from the Princess Bride, for example), or be purely inventions of the game makers themselves. So what can you do with these princesses? Obviously there's plenty of opportunities to play royal dress-up and create noble makeovers. You can also make over the royal daughter of your choice's private chambers. Why not let your princess get a little cheeky with a kissing game while you're at it? Prince Charming awaits! Or help her celebrate her culture (through fashion) or even, in the case of the sisters from Frozen, become a mother. Not enough? Playing with a few royal kittens should turn any frown upside-down! There are more than a hundred ways to try out a little princess power with these free games. Even better: new ones are added all the time!