Party Games

  • Slumber Party
    Slumber Party
    Played 736 times

    Time for gossip, facials, and manicures! But keep it down, or you'll wake up you know who...

  • Avie Pocket: Birthday
    Avie Pocket: Birthday
    Played 1238 times

    Avie’s ready for the best birthday ever! Enter the bakery for that perfect birthday cake with juicy flavors and get Avie dressed up to be the centre of attention. Participate in various activities to celebrate Avie's birthday!

  • Princess Undersea Party
    Princess Undersea Party
    Played 2328 times

    Ariel and all of her royal friends are getting together for an evening under the sea. They’ll need your fashion tips as they choose the perfect outfits for the occasion. What should they wear?

  • Girls Go Fashion Party
    Girls Go Fashion Party
    Played 2536 times

    Without your help Gwen, Gabriella, and Grace will be tardy to their party!

  • Pusheen's B-day party
    Pusheen's B-day party
    Played 590 times

    This lucky cat is having a birthday party and invites you over to celebrate with friends in this family fun browser game, Pusheen’s B-Day Party!

  • Party Decoration
    Party Decoration
    Played 537 times

    Is it gonna be a sleepover, a birthday party, or a dance-a-thon? You choose...and then plan and decorate!

  • Disney College Party
    Disney College Party
    Played 2345 times

    These lovely Disney princesses are going out for some night time fun in this family fun game made for girls, Disney College Party. Dress them up in the latest party fashion and accessories!

  • Beach Party Planner
    Beach Party Planner
    Played 1295 times

    It's a beautiful day for a bash on the beach!

  • Princess Beach Party
    Princess Beach Party
    Played 1326 times

    These Disney princesses sure know how to throw a summer party! Join in on the fun as you dress them up in this family fun game made for girls, Princess Beach Party!

  • Frozen Sisters Birthday Party
    Frozen Sisters Birthday Party
    Played 992 times

    The lovely princesses Elsa and Anna are getting ready for a big birthday party! Help them in this beautiful dress up game for girls.

  • Beach Party Craze
    Beach Party Craze
    Played 3210 times

    With people scrambling to your sandy patch of heaven, you have to be quick on your feet!

  • Ellie: Bachelorette Challenge
    Ellie: Bachelorette Challenge
    Played 568 times

    Ellie is about to get married and, to celebrate, her friends have created some cool challenges for her.

  • Party Down
    Party Down
    Played 2132 times

    A black tie uniform buys you entrance beyond the velvet rope and into the party!

  • Hello Kitty Emojify My Party
    Hello Kitty Emojify My Party
    Played 823 times

    Hello Kitty is having a party with friends and invited you to help decorate the theme of the party using emojis! Create the best emoji party ever now.

  • Cake Maker
    Cake Maker
    Played 2074 times

    No party is complete without a mouth-watering cake...

  • Animals In The City
    Animals In The City
    Played 1436 times

    This test will reveal your party-animal mood for each day!

  • Ever After Pool Party
    Ever After Pool Party
    Played 1168 times

    These three princesses are enjoying an afternoon at the pool. They could really use your help with their makeovers in this dress up game. Could you help them pick out some new hairstyles and makeup?

  • Frozen Costume Party
    Frozen Costume Party
    Played 693 times

    Princesses Elsa and Anna want to have a fresh new look for a costume party! Dress them up any way you want in Frozen Costume Party.

  • Inside Out Memory Party
    Inside Out Memory Party
    Played 595 times

    Joy, Sadness and Disgust are ready for a fun night in this free game. Help them unwind with some cool makeovers and some awesome new outfits. Which ones should they try on first?

  • Mind Your Manners Tea Party
    Mind Your Manners Tea Party
    Played 991 times

    Strawberry and her friends do it right when they do it polite.

  • BFFs Night Out
    BFFs Night Out
    Played 2946 times

    It's going to be a fun night out into town with your favorite Disney princesses in this totally cool dress up game, BFFs Night Out. Choose from the latest fashion for your lady and her BFFS to wear!

  • Student Park
    Student Park
    Played 24 times

    Help guide your students from the phone box to the party.

  • Anime Costume Party
    Anime Costume Party
    Played 41 times

    Give this anime girl a fun outfit.

  • My First Party Décor
    My First Party Décor
    Played 330 times

    These girls are organizing their own birthday party for the first time--help them decorate!

  • Birthday Party Decoration
    Birthday Party Decoration
    Played 266 times

    Jim's and Jan's parents have rented a ballroom for their birthday party, but they need your help decorating!

  • Holly Hobbie Surprise Party
    Holly Hobbie Surprise Party
    Played 68 times

    Collect all items, avoid enemies and score points.

  • Birthday Party Decoration 2
    Birthday Party Decoration 2
    Played 36 times

    The party is going to start soon, but first these three sisters need your help!

  • Gowns and Skirts Dress Up
    Gowns and Skirts Dress Up
    Played 19 times

    Help this posh girl pick the most elegant gown for a party.

  • Birthday Party Decoration 3
    Birthday Party Decoration 3
    Played 51 times

    Jennifer must finish decorating the room before her guests come; can you help her?

  • Dinner Decoration 2
    Dinner Decoration 2
    Played 71 times

    Get the table ready for a choose-your-own-dinner party. What will each guest eat?

  • Funky Clothing Dress Up
    Funky Clothing Dress Up
    Played 25 times

    Help her pick some of those funky clothes for a big party.

  • Crabs Party
    Crabs Party
    Played 12 times

    Move your crab and break your opponent's blue blocks before he breaks yours!

  • Party Pals
    Party Pals
    Played 25 times

    Help the cats unwrap the presents and catch the falling goodies!

  • Party Doll Dress Up
    Party Doll Dress Up
    Played 20 times

    Dress this party girl up in some cool gear!

  • Party Girl Dress Up
    Party Girl Dress Up
    Played 35 times

    With these rockin' rags, Rennie's always ready to roll to the next party!

  • Happy Halloween Dress Up
    Happy Halloween Dress Up
    Played 60 times

    Mix and match until you find out "witch" cool outfit will knock 'em dead at the Halloween party!

    • Prom Night Party Dress Up
      Prom Night Party Dress Up
      Played 34 times

      Prom night is all about formal wear—but at the after party, anything goes!

    • Girls Go Christmas Dress Up
      Girls Go Christmas Dress Up
      Played 21 times

      Gwen, Gabriella, and Grace are having a little Christmas party and can't wait for you to dress them up!

    • Dance Party Dress Up
      Dance Party Dress Up
      Played 54 times

      Your friend with the cool city apartment is throwing the ultimate dance party. Dress up to get down!

    • Wedding Party Dress Up
      Wedding Party Dress Up
      Played 25 times

      Who's the lucky guy who gets to marry this glam goddess???

    • Hot BBQ Party
      Hot BBQ Party
      Played 483 times

      With the sun shining, the grill sizzling and happy customers, what could go wrong this summer?

    • Glamour Bunny Dress Up
      Glamour Bunny Dress Up
      Played 26 times

      When you love bunnies this much, every day's a costume party!

    • Jessy’s Party Prep
      Jessy’s Party Prep
      Played 181 times

      Jessy's pumped for tonight's party, but she hasn't prepared at all!

    • Jessica’s Party Hairstyle
      Jessica’s Party Hairstyle
      Played 24 times

      Jazz up Jessica's hairstyle as you dress her up for tonight's party!

    • PJ Party Dress Up
      PJ Party Dress Up
      Played 77 times

      Comfortable won't cut it for a PJ party—fashion is the name of this game!

    • Veggie Samosa Feast
      Veggie Samosa Feast
      Played 18 times

      These samosa snacks will steal the spotlight at your next party!

    • Christmas Party Hair Makeover
      Christmas Party Hair Makeover
      Played 39 times

      This festive fanatic wants to party it up—in seasonal style!

    • Cover Model Dress Up: December
      Cover Model Dress Up: December
      Played 24 times

      Deck out your cover model for a classy New Year's party!

Ready for some fun? It's time to party like it's your birthday! Or Christmas, Halloween, 1999, Thanksgiving, or any other occasion that puts in the mood to celebrate. You can roll up to these virtual festivities in style thanks to the many dress-up games in this category. They've got plenty of styles for everyone from club kids to tea party participants. You can even put on some virtual makeup to complete your beauty routine. When you're done, pick a venue and deck it out in style. Cook dinner or bake a cake. Direct students to a party that might get just a little bit crazy. Rather rub elbows with celebrities? Join the staff of Party Down and entertain high-roller guests with your superior catering skills. Whatever your idea of a party might be, let loose and cut a rug in one of the many free games you'll find right here. Even better: the fun never has to end! Just save your favorite fest to your profile and you can pick up the party again whenever you need to take a break. Or check back here to see what new fiestas have been added to the agenda.