• Frogtastic
    How do you turn a frog into a prince? Kiss it while wearing the perfect magic lipstick, of course!
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  • Cake Bakery
    Cake Bakery
    Even pastry chefs get the flu...that's when they call for backup from their magic sugardrop assistan...
    Played 624 times
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  • Charger Escape
    Charger Escape
    If you look hard enough, you can find magic anywhere.
    Played 521 times
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  • Rooms
    You'll need more than just keys and magic to escape this maze of rooms.
    Played 362 times
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  • Romance Maker
    Romance Maker
    You have all the magic ingredients for a storybook romance. So what happens when you mix them togeth...
    Played 471 times
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  • Sue's Witch Magic Makeover
    Sue's Witch Magic Makeover
    Can you find the right spell to transform the ugly witch into Sue?
    Played 607 times
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  • Devilish Trick
    Devilish Trick
    Her tricky spells can't pull the magic over your eyes...
    Played 188 times
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  • YogiPoco
    The quest for the Legendary Daisy is filled with magic and mystery.
    Played 190 times
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  • Ancient Powers
    Ancient Powers
    When you toy with magic, you're playing with fire, wind, water, earth...and gravity.
    Played 276 times
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  • Magic Pen
    Magic Pen
    Use your drawing skills and the laws of physics to get ahead in this game!
    Played 181 times
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  • Fairy Fishing
    Fairy Fishing
    Help the gnome to catch all of the magic fairies with his fishing hook.
    Played 85 times
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  • Hapland 3
    Hapland 3
    Mix up a haptacular magic potion, open the 3rd and final portal, and save Hapland!
    Played 99 times
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  • Trick or Treat
    Trick or Treat
    As any witch can tell you, magic doesn't grow on trees. You have to work for it!
    Played 150 times
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  • Azgard Tower Defense
    Azgard Tower Defense
    Hordes of horrible creatures descend upon your fantasy land. Magic towers to the defense!
    Played 98 times
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  • Unicorn Dress Up
    Unicorn Dress Up
    Make a colorful unicorn look that's pure magic!
    Played 69 times
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  • Miracles
    Use your magic for good to prove that the elder mages were wrong about your family!
    Played 107 times
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  • Rainbow Spider
    Rainbow Spider
    The Rainbow Spider journeys through a magical world. How far can you take him?
    Played 59 times
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  • Air Fairy Dress Up
    Air Fairy Dress Up
    Dress up this air fairy in the most magical outfit!
    Played 76 times
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  • Forest Fairy Dress Up
    Forest Fairy Dress Up
    Dress up this forest fairy in one of these magical outfits!
    Played 54 times
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  • Magic Swirl Ice Cream
    Magic Swirl Ice Cream
    Good ice cream is hard to forget, but can you remember these tasty orders?
    Played 101 times
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