Driving Games

  • Super Police Pursuit
    Super Police Pursuit
    Played 10603 times

    Pick out a squad car and get ready for an intense street chase. Can you capture these crooks?

  • Streetrace Fury
    Streetrace Fury
    Played 7967 times

    Streetrace Fury is a fast-paced drag racing game that offers full throttle fun! Win races and earn money to upgrade and pimp your ride. Do we have a green light?

  • Dakar Racing
    Dakar Racing
    Played 8872 times

    Race to your goal to becoming the best off-road race driver in Dakar Racing! Win money with each race and upgrade your car or buy a new one!

  • V8 Muscle Cars
    V8 Muscle Cars
    Played 2207 times

    Hey petrolheads, get right on track with a V8 muscle car. Choose your wheels and explore the dusty desert or are you on the road to nowhere? Unlock new tracks, earn cash to turbo charge your ride. Upgrade your suspension and take a wild ride with danger to beat your opponents in this cool vintage racing game. Fasten your seat belt...if you dare!

  • Optimus Breakout
    Optimus Breakout
    Played 1924 times

    Tanks are about to destroy and besiege Optimus. Upgrade equipment to turn Optimus into autobot and make this mean machine stronger to help the hero break free. Are you up for a transformation into the explosive world of the ultimate truck?

  • Supercar: Road Trip 2
    Supercar: Road Trip 2
    Played 4177 times

    Put some pedal to the metal and blow your competition's wheels off in this super car racing game!

  • Fever For Speed
    Fever For Speed
    Played 9375 times

    Fever for Speed is an awesome 3D car racing game. You have to drive your vehicle at the highest speed possible along the racetrack to earn money and buy cool upgrades. Dodge your opponents and the different obstacles on your way and try to have the best time on track.

  • Mad Day 2 Revenge
    Mad Day 2 Revenge
    Played 1689 times

    This commando and Fluffy, his pet squid, just had their birthday party interrupted by a massive alien invasion. Even worse, they kidnapped Fluffy and zoomed away in their spaceships. Now it’s time to grab some weapons, jump in the rig and fight back. Hurry, there’s no time to waste. Only you can save the day!

  • Car Speed Booster
    Car Speed Booster
    Played 13710 times

    Will you make it to the end of this chaotic race track? Collect upgrades and avoid enemy cars along the way.

  • New York Taxi License 3D
    New York Taxi License 3D
    Played 3845 times
  • Rich Cars 2 Adrenaline Rush
    Rich Cars 2 Adrenaline Rush
    Played 534 times
  • Cars 3D speed 2
    Cars 3D speed 2
    Played 1208 times
  • Police Pursuit 3D
    Police Pursuit 3D
    Played 8789 times

    Jump behind the wheel of this super fast cop car and take down as many criminals as you can.

  • Drag Race 3D
    Drag Race 3D
    Played 11110 times
  • Drift Raiders
    Drift Raiders
    Played 113 times
  • Dead Paradise 4
    Dead Paradise 4
    Played 703 times

    It’s your task to save the world from a mysterious underground lab. Use your vehicle to shoot the mutants!

  • Rodent Racer
    Rodent Racer
    Played 104 times

    This mighty mouse is about to take his new race car out for a spin. Jump in and hang on tight!

  • Theft Super Cars
    Theft Super Cars
    Played 744 times

    You’re one job away from paying off your debts to the mob—but it’ll be the toughest one of your life.

  • Dead Paradise 3
    Dead Paradise 3
    Played 382 times

    A group of scientists hold the key to ending the madness that has stormed North America. Lead them to safety.

  • Supercar Parking 2
    Supercar Parking 2
    Played 853 times

    Jump behind the wheel of this rad ride for an action-packed parking challenge. And watch the paint job, yo.

  • Dead Paradise 2
    Dead Paradise 2
    Played 1075 times

    It’s been ten long years since the bombs first fell. The race for survival begins now.

  • American Racing 2
    American Racing 2
    Played 2350 times

    Feel the heat and go for gold. Have you got what it takes to blast past the competition?

  • American Racing
    American Racing
    Played 688 times

    Gentlemen, start your engines...

  • Truck Mania
    Truck Mania
    Played 2114 times

    A trucker's gotta hold onto his cargo through all types of terrain...

  • Rich Cars 3
    Rich Cars 3
    Played 1213 times

    Even crooks like the best set of vintage wheels possible.

  • Monster Truck Demolisher
    Monster Truck Demolisher
    Played 3477 times

    Better buckle up!

  • Drift Racing Tournament
    Drift Racing Tournament
    Played 46 times

    School those other drivers on how the big boys drive.

  • Monster Truck Destroyer
    Monster Truck Destroyer
    Played 1810 times

    Don’t drive around your opponents. Drive over them.

  • Monster Truck vs. Forest
    Monster Truck vs. Forest
    Played 237 times

    Mother Nature will not be impressed...

  • Cars vs. Robots
    Cars vs. Robots
    Played 68 times

    Bad bots, bad bots, whatcha gonna do?

  • Monster Truck 3D
    Monster Truck 3D
    Played 909 times

    For Sale: Monster truck, jacked up and ready to rampage!

  • Atomic Supercars
    Atomic Supercars
    Played 3048 times

    Climb into your slick supercar—every atom aches to win the race!

  • Action Driving
    Action Driving
    Played 791 times

    Skid and swerve your way to the Eiffel Tower in a tricked-out ride.

  • Planet Trucker
    Planet Trucker
    Played 294 times

    Mission command, are you there? We're transporting the cargo from Point A to Point B—now!

  • Fire Truck 2
    Fire Truck 2
    Played 1555 times

    There's no obstacle you can't tackle when there's a fire to get to.

  • Urban Truck 2
    Urban Truck 2
    Played 282 times

    Hook up the Nitro in your urban truck to hit those jumps with speed and land a flip!

    • ModNation Racers: Mini GP
      ModNation Racers: Mini GP
      Played 562 times

      Not satisfied with the karting games out there? Then build your own!

    • Urban Truck
      Urban Truck
      Played 293 times

      With a suspension this flexible, get ready to rack up some serious air time!

    • Red Cross Rush
      Red Cross Rush
      Played 997 times

      Driving an ambulance is da shizzle—even more so if it has monster wheels!!

    • Fire Truck
      Fire Truck
      Played 9747 times

      What's the rush? There IS a fire!

    • Storm Truck
      Storm Truck
      Played 165 times

      A real racer can ride in any weather.

    • Mining Truck
      Mining Truck
      Played 1191 times

      The coolest stunt you can pull off in this gig is getting your precious cargo from point A to B intact!

    • Packet Rush
      Packet Rush
      Played 340 times

      That delivery guy is driving like a madman! Oh wait, that's you.

    • Destroy All Cars
      Destroy All Cars
      Played 828 times

      Unleash the physics of arena destruction.

    • American Dragracer
      American Dragracer
      Played 237 times

      Manual labor + manual driving = automatic cool.

    • Driving School GT
      Driving School GT
      Played 344 times

      If you want to get behind the wheel of one of these babies, you'll need to learn to drive like a pro!

    • Big Truck Adventures 3
      Big Truck Adventures 3
      Played 111 times

      It’s not really off-road driving until your truck is 50 feet above the ground…

    • Drag Race Demon 2
      Drag Race Demon 2
      Played 104 times

      If you think that flooring it and driving in a straight line is easy, you are painfully mistaken.

You don't need a license to get behind the wheel of these driving games. Although, experience never hurts if you want to rack up lots of points! Virtual practice makes perfect, right? Even the inexperienced can master this category's challenges, whatever their age or license status. Need to learn more about operating a car? That's what Driving School GT is all about. Feel free to play it over and over again! Each time your hand-eye coordination and spatial perception will improve. You can operate a car, a truck, a bike, or any of a number of other vehicles. You might find yourself transporting deliveries or racing on a track. Or try performing stunts or driving a fire truck to extinguish blazing infernos. You get to decide where and why you want to travel. Many of these games set the action against gorgeous backdrops too. You can even race around the world! Don't worry, if you find a game you like you can always save it to your favorites to go back to later. You can also browse the rest of the free titles, including the new ones that are added regularly. After all, you're the one in the driver's seat.