• Spider Solitaire
    Spider Solitaire
    You'll get caught in this web of crafty card stacking…
    Played 3227 times
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  • Raccoon Racing
    Raccoon Racing
    Race with your kart or hovercraft over 8 different tracks in spectacular battles
    Played 912 times
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  • Crazy Craft
    Crazy Craft
    Harness the physics of engineering to conquer course after treacherous course.
    Played 644 times
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  • Warcraft 2d
    Warcraft 2d
    Build your own civilization and try to survive!
    Played 559 times
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  • Bumpercraft
    Stop the chemical plant polluting the river by using your homemade hoovercraft!
    Played 162 times
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  • Starcraft 5
    Starcraft 5
    Build your base and then defend it against Terran's and Protos's combined attacks.
    Played 92 times
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  • Big Bang
    Big Bang
    Create fuel by using your electron cannon to split atoms, causing chain reactions whose energy can p...
    Played 13 times
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  • Warcraft Savage
    Warcraft Savage
    Calling all Warcraft fans: Give orders to your troops and destroy the other teams.
    Played 11 times
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  • Kitty Jump
    Kitty Jump
    Can this cat fanatic make it down the river with some crafty calculation?
    Played 3 times
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