Building Games

  • Enduro 1: Construction Site
    Enduro 1: Construction Site
    Played 59 times

    Sharpen your stunt skills on this construction site obstacle course!

  • Demoman
    Played 1628 times

    Demolish all of the office buildings with your demolition ball!

  • Island Realms
    Island Realms
    Played 1 times

    When this band of merry sailors is stranded on a beach, it's their big chance for town-building adventure!

  • Royal Envoy
    Royal Envoy
    Played 1 times

    A storm has destroyed all of the island's shelters, and the rainy season is coming. Time to start building!

  • Snow Lemmings
    Snow Lemmings
    Played 11 times

    Chillax or challenge yourself in this snowball-building, lemming-catching downhill adventure.

  • ABC Cubes
    ABC Cubes
    Played 337 times

    ABC Cubes sets you up with the building blocks of F-U-N!

  • Jump Jim, Jump!
    Jump Jim, Jump!
    Played 27 times

    Everyone in construction has to wear a hard hat. But Jim has to wear one for a very special reason...

  • Paninilicious
    Played 1185 times

    This quick-moving sandwich-building game is the best thing since sliced bread!

  • Construction Yard Bike
    Construction Yard Bike
    Played 515 times

    The turmoil of construction is the perfect playground for stunt-bike action!

  • Woman on Top
    Woman on Top
    Played 1030 times

    Visit the highest building of the world and jump to your lovely woman waiting on top.

  • Elevatorz
    Played 839 times

    Help Mr. Jitters reach his office at the top of the building without getting hit by an elevator.

  • Tree House Building
    Tree House Building
    Played 237 times

    Design your own tree house!

  • Towering Inferno
    Towering Inferno
    Played 31 times

    Let the people from the burning building bounce off of the safety net and then bounce them to the ambulance.

  • Bloons Tower Defence
    Bloons Tower Defence
    Played 539 times

    Stop the bloons from escaping by building towers next to the maze.

  • Flash Element
    Flash Element
    Played 63 times

    Kill all the animals by building attacking towers before they reach the end of the maze.

  • Tower Defence
    Tower Defence
    Played 60 times

    Prevent the hordes of monsters from getting to the castle by building element towers near the path.

  • Desktop Tower Defence
    Desktop Tower Defence
    Played 87 times

    Protect your desktop from invaders by spending money on attacking pieces and building a maze for them to follow.

  • Pac-xon
    Played 16816 times

    Fill the empty space and capture the ghosts by building walls!