Brain Games

  • 1 + 2 = 3
    1 + 2 = 3
    Played 190 times
  • Animalines
    Played 252 times

    Form a link between each pair of these adorable animals.

  • Animals Connect
    Animals Connect
    Played 22194 times

    With so many little animals to be matched, you're in for cuteness overload!

  • Binary Bears
    Binary Bears
    Played 1362 times

    Are you a fan of Sudoku games? If so, then you’ll love this binary code game! Fill the grid up with 0s and 1s!

  • Brain Follow
    Brain Follow
    Played 25 times

    You’d better walk the right walk, because one wrong move will finish you.

  • Brain Spa - Picture Logic
    Brain Spa - Picture Logic
    Played 72 times

    Can you find the sweet patterns in these candy boxes?

  • Brain Spa - Pattern Matching
    Brain Spa - Pattern Matching
    Played 96 times

    Speed and attention to detail will serve you well on this shopping trip.

  • Brave Bull Pirates
    Brave Bull Pirates
    Played 102 times

    In Bravebull Pirates your aim is to free Bull’s sweetheart from the evil pirates. Solve every level as fast as you can and help the couple to get together.

  • CalcuDoku
    Played 55 times

    Bend your brain around these equations in this mathematical Sudoku!

  • Candy Land
    Candy Land
    Played 1747 times

    These monsters are really thirsty. Help them fill their cups with some yummy lemonade.

  • Daily Jigsaw Puzzle
    Daily Jigsaw Puzzle
    Played 8045 times

    A new puzzle every day! Compete for the daily high score, or just relax and have fun.

  • Disaster Will Strike 3
    Disaster Will Strike 3
    Played 1422 times

    You can’t save a planet without breaking a few eggs…that’s how the saying goes, right?

  • Fairy Triple Mahjong
    Fairy Triple Mahjong
    Played 666 times

    Do you think you're the best Mahjong player in the world? Then test your skills in this brand new Mahjong online game, Fairy Triple Mahjong! Do your best to prove that you're the top player in the world!

  • Flying School
    Flying School
    Played 55 times

    Kids, even ones with feathers, grow up so fast, don’t they? It’s time for each one of these baby birds to finally leave their comfy homes. Can you help them spread their wings and fly? Join the first one as she soars from nest to nest across a picturesque forest in this fun and challenging platformer.

  • Globy
    Played 26 times

    Help the blue Globy reach his goals in this doodle-filled adventure.

  • Gentleman Rescue 2
    Gentleman Rescue 2
    Played 102 times

    Excuse me, sir…would you be so kind as to rescue these gentlemen?

  • Greedy Gnomes
    Greedy Gnomes
    Played 172 times

    Two greedy gnome brothers - Us and Zus are playing the peculiar gnomish game. They are both extremely wealthy, so they use rubies and diamonds as pawns. Which brother will win?

  • Happy Dino Jungle
    Happy Dino Jungle
    Played 34 times

    Hatch out a dinosaur egg and bring out a happy dino to this world in the middle of a wild savage jungle, finding hidden items and solving puzzles. More than a caring game, this is meant for both boys and girls, especially because of the logic challenge, coming with hints and clues, demanded before the hatching.

  • Hatch the Unicorn
    Hatch the Unicorn
    Played 2698 times
  • Juicy Stack 2
    Juicy Stack 2
    Played 212 times

    The jellies are back for another exciting series of stacking challenges.

  • I Need Water 2
    I Need Water 2
    Played 39 times

    Here you are going to give the water to this cute creature. He is really thirsty and you are the only one, who can help him. Just connect all pipes and lead the water to his mouth. Are you ready? Then start it right now and vanquish the game.

  • Kids Puzzle Adventure
    Kids Puzzle Adventure
    Played 1533 times

    Who doesn’t love some puzzles in their adventure! In Kids Puzzle Adventure, you get to have both and a fun time becoming the best there is!

  • Kris Mahjong
    Kris Mahjong
    Played 14200 times

    You've never played Mahjong like this ever before! Kris Mahjong will truly test your skills as you try to prove that you're the best there is at this awesome free to play browser game.

  • Logo quiz
    Logo quiz
    Played 1094 times

    How well do you know your brands? See if you can identify them from their logos in this quiz!

  • Mastermind
    Played 146 times

    Guess the color sequence and become a Mastermind!

  • Mega Sudoku
    Mega Sudoku
    Played 580 times

    A Sudoku with up to 12 digits presents a whole new challenge!

  • Mixed World
    Mixed World
    Played 91 times

    Welcome to Mixed World, the cheerful platform puzzle game! Use your brains and skills to help a bunch of cute creatures to chase off all the grumpy red monsters. Use your funny friends’ special skills to nudge all monsters off the platforms!

  • Mysterious Treasures
    Mysterious Treasures
    Played 62 times

    The long lost treasure of Captain Green Beard has been found but fetching it is going to be really tough.

  • Puzzle Soccer: World Cup
    Puzzle Soccer: World Cup
    Played 2002 times

    Bend it like Beckham and kick your way to victory!

  • Princess Juliet: Restaurant Escape
    Princess Juliet: Restaurant Escape
    Played 343 times

    An earthquake hit a restaurant Princess Juliet was invited to for a dinner party. Can you help her and Koobs escape the restaurant with fun clues and puzzles?

  • Rome Puzzle
    Rome Puzzle
    Played 14169 times

    Swap 2 adjacent objects to create a line of 3 or more identical objects.

  • Shift the Block
    Shift the Block
    Played 711 times

    Shift the coloured blocks so that they’re all in a row together to complete the level!

  • Save The Chicken
    Save The Chicken
    Played 157 times

    Your mission, should you choose to accept it: save the chicken!

  • Soccer Mover 2015
    Soccer Mover 2015
    Played 82 times
  • Tap The Mouse
    Tap The Mouse
    Played 92 times

    Find out where this pesky rodent is hiding in each of these tricky levels.

    • The Spirits of Kelley Family
      The Spirits of Kelley Family
      Played 773 times

      The Spirits of the Kelley Family is trapped in this old abandoned house! Collect the clues, pages and search for the missing secret stones to free these trapped souls and solve the mystery in a point-and-click puzzle adventure.

    • Tropical Minion Delivery
      Tropical Minion Delivery
      Played 5355 times

      This Minion has a lot of fresh fruit to deliver today. Can you help make sure that he gets the job done right?

    • What's Inside the Box
      What's Inside the Box
      Played 341 times

      Can you guess what is inside the box? Find out as you solve unique puzzles that will challenge your puzzle solving skills in What's Inside the Box! It's a family fun game that will have you playing for hours!

    • X-Mas Friends
      X-Mas Friends
      Played 187 times

      Match up all of these magical elves as quickly as you can.

    • 1010 Deluxe
      1010 Deluxe
      Played 18474 times

      Earn the highest score in this exciting and challenging puzzle game. How far can you make it?

    • 1212!
      Played 4150 times

      Can you fit all the pieces in this brain challenging puzzle game, 1212? Earn as many points as you can while figuring out what piece to use next!

    • 2020!
      Played 36354 times

      Arrange these blocks on the table and find out if you can fit all of them on it.

    • 2020! Reloaded
      2020! Reloaded
      Played 5564 times

      Even better than the popular original, 2020! Reloaded will challenge every move you make! This fast-paced puzzle game, the likes of Tetris, has a new career mode with exciting variations. Fill horizontal or vertical lines to make blocks disappear to create space. Never a dull moment with 2020! Reloaded. Play it for free now.

    • 2020 Winterland
      2020 Winterland
      Played 10174 times

      Test your spatial awareness by arranging the given objects onto a grid in the most space-efficient way possible. Clear the screen with solid rows of colored blocks.

    • Blockout
      Played 38 times

      Blockheads need not apply: this game runs on brain power!

    • Blocks Connect
      Blocks Connect
      Played 400 times

      Connect the blocks, not the dots, in this great geometrical game.

    • Brain Spa - Visual Memo
      Brain Spa - Visual Memo
      Played 103 times

      An amazing waitress needs an amazing memory. How's yours?

Your brain is the organ that makes you, well, you. That pretty much makes it the most important one, right? So you need to keep it in good shape. Regular brain exercise is connected to a lower risk of dementia and Alzheimer's disease later in life. Researchers recommend games just like the ones you'll find here to keep your gray matter healthy. Fortunately, at least with these challenges, giving your noggin a workout is also a lot of fun! It's not like these games are brain surgery. Well, except for the one that actually involves surgery. Mostly, they're a collection of puzzles and word titles, including popular favorites like Sudoku, mahjong, and Scrabble-like games. There's also lots of memory games and challenging quizzes. Whenever you need to stretch your mental faculties, or are just looking for a little distraction from whatever's on your mind, you can choose from one of dozens of smarts-inducing titles that are fun, sometimes silly, and totally mentally rewarding. All in all, this is some exercise you won't mind getting! Once your cranium is feeling totally pumped up, you can take it to the Brain Spa for a little R&R. After it's refreshed, feel free to come back again for another good-for-you session of mental lifting. Doctor's orders!