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Ready for a break on two wheels? This might get rough but, when you take risks here with these free online games, the worst thing that can happen is a virtual bike crash. And you know what to do then. Then's right, get back up, dust yourself off, and do better next time. With no real-world bruises, it's all adrenaline-pumping pleasure without any physical pain. Whether your idea of an awesome bike is a classic bicycle or a beefed-up motorcycle, we've got plenty of ways for you to play right here. These two wheelers come in all shapes and sizes, from mini dirt bikes to BMXs to full-on hogs, and most of them are tricked out (automatically at the start or by you throughout the game) to help you perform some epic stunts. Some bikes are built for speed and are meant to race. Or, in other games, you'll make use of your ride's souped-up suspension (and the laws of physics) as you bomb your metal steed over some seriously rough but awesomely beautiful terrain along the coast, in the mountains, or anywhere else your wheels can tread. Other games allow you to weave in and out of traffic, even while biking through the sky! Choose your setting. Do you want to master a course of obstacles or go freestyle in the sand, snow, or other urban and rural terrains? Try them all, and then come back here again later to look for the new bike games that are added regularly.