• Kmillion
    A chameleon shows its true colors when its under attack!
    Played 849 times
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  • Potion Panic
    Potion Panic
    Make dangerous potions and shoot them at your attackers before they break down your wall.
    Played 683 times
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  • Bloons Tower Defense 3
    Bloons Tower Defense 3
    You'll need all the manic monkey defenses you can get when the bloons attack!
    Played 533 times
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  • Art Attack
    Art Attack
    Super Sushi Pack Mission: recover the stolen paintings and jewels!
    Played 426 times
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  • Strategy Defence 2
    Strategy Defence 2
    As King Fayla's general, you must take revenge on Black Horse Kingdom for their attack on Doven King...
    Played 318 times
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  • Refrigerator Rampage 2
    Refrigerator Rampage 2
    Remember that late-night snack attack on your fridge? Well, now the FRIDGE FIGHTS BACK!
    Played 284 times
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  • Dragon Fable: Fire Spawn
    Dragon Fable: Fire Spawn
    Dodge obstacles and dragon attacks. Fire arrows at the dragon to defeat it.
    Played 242 times
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  • Starcraft 5
    Starcraft 5
    Build your base and then defend it against Terran's and Protos's combined attacks.
    Played 91 times
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  • Flash Element
    Flash Element
    Kill all the animals by building attacking towers before they reach the end of the maze.
    Played 80 times
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  • D-Evo
    Buy cards and either stack them as a capacity card or place them in the middle to defend/attack.
    Played 58 times
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  • Temple Guardian
    Temple Guardian
    Build arrow and catapult towers to defeat waves of attacks by alien animals and weird objects.
    Played 50 times
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  • Desktop Tower Defence
    Desktop Tower Defence
    Protect your desktop from invaders by spending money on attacking pieces and building a maze for the...
    Played 34 times
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  • Nero The Hero
    Nero The Hero
    When aliens attack and buildings burn, a hero (named Nero) is born!
    Played 31 times
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  • Final Fortress
    Final Fortress
    Manage your supplies and defend the city against all enemy attacks.
    Played 18 times
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  • Farm TD
    Farm TD
    When the farm is under attack, it's time to put your hired help to REAL work...as towers of defense.
    Played 18 times
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  • Onslaught
    You are being attacked by a large group of army troops. Shoot them all down!
    Played 13 times
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  • Blucat
    This cat knows where it's at when these critters get a snack attack!
    Played 12 times
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  • Ant Attack
    Ant Attack
    Put cannons next to the ants to stop them from taking a piece of pizza.
    Played 9 times
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  • 1Alien Attack
    1Alien Attack
    Help the alien kill all the enemies and go to the next level.
    Played 6 times
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  • Save the Apple
    Save the Apple
    The apple is under attack! Spin away the worms and viruses before they ruin your snack.
    Played 6 times
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