• Burger Restaurant 3
    Burger Restaurant 3
    Quirkier customers, ethnic dishes--burger restaurant is going on a world tour!
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  • Burger Restaurant
    Burger Restaurant
    Make milkshakes, hamburgers, French fries and get your restaurant to the top! There are 3 different ...
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  • The Scruffs
    The Scruffs
    It’s a mess of a house, but the Scruffs don’t want to lose it. Solve Grandpa’s mystery to save them!
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  • Net Pet
    Net Pet
    Decide if you want to adopt a cat or dog and take care of your new pet.
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  • Farm Frenzy 2
    Farm Frenzy 2
    Plant seeds, add some elbow grease, and then watch as your land blooms into a lush and lucrative far...
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  • Family Restaurant
    Family Restaurant
    Can you save the family restaurant and take it to new heights?
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  • Burger Restaurant 2
    Burger Restaurant 2
    Return to Burger Restaurant! Go global, this time with 3 new restaurants, new clients, and new meals...
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  • Globs
    Turn these splots into one giant glob through planning and strategy…
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  • Collateral Damages
    Collateral Damages
    Pilot a giant combat robot and destroy everything you encounter in your path.
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  • Conquer Antartica
    Conquer Antartica
    Eliminate all of the enemy penguins on each level in order to advance with your campaign.
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  • Offroad Transporter
    Offroad Transporter
    If you want to impress these girls, your car better be fast and built to last!
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  • Bubble Elements Earth
    Bubble Elements Earth
    Match 3 or more bubbles and feed the bubble-eating plant his favorite bubble.
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  • Diner City
    Diner City
    There's only room for one hit restaurant in this town, so keep the seats filled and edge out the com...
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  • Family Flights
    Family Flights
    Can you keep all your passengers happy? We wish you a pleasant flight with Farraway Flights!
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  • Girls Go Wheels
    Girls Go Wheels
    Grab your friends for a fun little gallivant!
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  • The Apprentice - Restaurant serving
    The Apprentice - Restaurant servin...
    You have to perform under pressure if you want to be hired. The Donald is watching!
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  • Alliant - Defence of the Colony
    Alliant - Defence of the Colony
    To save humanity's new home, to save the human race itself, a select band of fighters must face...th...
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  • Wedding Day Girl Dress Up
    Wedding Day Girl Dress Up
    The most important day of your life is about declaring your undying love...and undying fashion sense...
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  • Pappas Pizza
    Pappas Pizza
    Keep your restaurant going for as long as possible, and don't miss orders!
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  • Alphabet Jungle
    Alphabet Jungle
    The natives want to learn English. Throw as many words out as possible before they boil you in their...
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